Midday Palate Cleanser

We submit into evidence more proof that dogs rule.

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17 Responses to Midday Palate Cleanser

  1. spotthedog says:

    That is just the best!!!

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  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

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  3. purplehead says:

    No wonder 6% of unarmed women and 7% of unarmed men think they could take on a grizzly bear. They’re so cute and funny! And taking on an elephant???? A chimpanzee??? People are so clueless.

    They also have no idea of the power of a goose.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    I don’t worry much about my grand-daughter, she’s been wrestling with a Rottweiler since they were both babies.


  5. Jimmy T says:

    The rottie looks just like my dog Rosa, with the exception being my dog has a full tail, and she is a mix of austraiian and rottie. We call her the rottenaussie. A bit mischievous, but a real sweet dog…


  6. FELINE MAMA says:

    Seriously, who is having MORE fun here?!?!?


  7. spotthedog says:

    And I bet that Rottie gets its toenails painted pink on a regular basis, and loves it!

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  8. MDavis says:

    “Like this! Somersault like this! My puppy is a little slow, but I lover anyway!”


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