Never Forget

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Allison Hantschel, late of the blog First Draft (where she was appropriately nom-de-plum’ed Athena, and that is too a vurb) had a twitter thread last night on the end of the mask mandate that is so good, I hope everyone reads it.

The essential demand Hantschel makes is that she wants atonement from the stupid, selfish people who prolonged the Trump-Virus Pandemic that lead to nearly 600,000 dead Americans.

It’s not a long thread. Go read it. I’ll wait.

I was having a similar discussion last night. I know we are The United States of Amnesia, and indeed the Republicans are shoving Lord Damp Nut’s failed response and crimes against humanity and general eff’ery  into the memory hole as fast as they can. 15+ months of our lives disrupted, families lost, fortunes destroyed, and now we’re being told to return to normal.

There is no normal, there is only now.

And so while Athena (sorry, Allison – old habits die hard) wants atonement, I want recorded history.

Here’s the thing: I don’t recall ever learning anything about the 1918 Pandemic; I’m not even sure it was a footnote in any of my US history textbooks. Maybe it was seen as an Act of Gawd and not a cascading sequence of political calculation failures as surely the Trump-Virus was.

I am reminded of the marketing of WW2 as The Last Good War. We proudly thump our chests that WE won the war, but say that to the europeans and you will get an earful. Marketing wins every time.

We Americans record our history with exceptionalism and we leave out the dissent and indeed the sacrifice of others. When this pandemic enters the history books, I predict that there will be plenty of heroics, and little mention of the know-nothings, the anti-vaxxers, the selfish assholes (from Spring Break to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, there were a lot of assholes) and the easily documented and deliberate failures of the Republicans who saw this only as a culture war leverage issue: the Freedom to be an asshole is greater than your health.

Every death is tragic, every avoidable death is a crime. I lay the tragic number of avoidable deaths at the feet of these assholes, mostly Republicans.

I hope everyone remembers this as they head to the voting booth in 2022 and beyond.

Never forget.

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  1. spotthedog says:

    I also recall only learning of the 1918 pandemic on my own, coming across a passing reference to it in some book many years ago. I was amazed at the time that it was not something more widely known and discussed, seemed like a really big deal in spite of having occurred decades prior. It is very easy to find online many photos from that period showing people wearing masks, and I would not be at all surprised to discover some Covid-denier claiming those were faked. This time it could and should have been handled so much better. The phrase ‘those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it’ has never seemed so appropriate.

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    • MDavis says:

      The first I heard of the Spanish Flu was in the 80s when I read a sci-fi story that used it as a foundation for a development in some humans’ DNA a couple of generations later.


  2. MDavis says:

    We’re going to reach the Spanish Flu mortality level (estimated) yet. Granted, we have a larger population, now, but there is no way for me to know how the understatements of those mortalities compares. I have seen estimates based on “excess mortalities” in general, but there are so many variables and I wouldn’t know where to start to find the 1918-1919 numbers for the same thing, since data collection methods and items changes over time.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    According to a new study, we have had over 900,000 dead here in the good old US of A.
    So basically, we lost more people (USA) to Covid-19 than we lost to the 1918 Spanish flu, but cheer up, the worldwide death toll from the Spanish Flu was 50,000,000…

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    • I forget his name, but a prominent Indian American infectioius disease expert (He’s on Rachel’s show all the time) had a twitter thread about how India’s numbers are vastly loballed.

      He said normally about 27,000 people a day die in india, and most are cremated in the open, like they are now. If it were only 7000 more a day, there is no way you would see the huge expansion of crematoriums, where they’re running out of space and wood and time to accomplish it, because it’s only increasing by a third.

      The same was done in Wuhan to get the real estimates of the initial outbreak…they counted funeral urn orders…and those turned out to be 10X the official numbers.

      As always count the funerals not the official death toll.

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    • MDavis says:

      I don’t know about this. Have the 1918-1919 expected deaths been compared to actual deaths? I don’t know where to look for those numbers, but I see no reason to believe that the Spanish Flu mortality numbers were reported accurately. A comparison would be interesting, until that is done the comment would be
      “… basically, we lost more people (USA) to Covid-19 than we were reported as lost to the 1918 Spanish flu… “


  4. ali redford says:

    The twitter thread and your blog entry here are very well spoken. Thank you both. I’d been trying to figure out what’s been bothering me about this.


  5. retiredeng says:

    I’m always a day late to be able to comment on this site. But this is my story about the 1918 pandemic:

    My father was born in 1917 and his brother was born one or two years earlier. My grandmother was 18 and had a baby and a toddler to care for when my grandfather was struck down hard by the virus. Unable to care for all three, my great aunt took my uncle to relieve the burden on my grandmother. This story is told over and over in our family because it caused a split between by uncle and my grandparents. When it was all over (my grandfather survived) my uncle was not willing to return home and he was raised from then on by my great aunt. The family eventually healed and all my father’s brother and sisters were reunited but the pandemic caused more than just sickness.


  6. Boris says:

    CDC site shows ~900K excess deaths; I trust that more than I do the ‘official’ numbers.

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