GOP Wants To Take The Soup Away From Oliver Twist, Again

The beatings will continue until poor people get back to slave work.

The Republican governors of Possum Hollar are announcing that they will end the weekly $300 Amero pandemic benefits, because the lazy moochers are not willing to work. Amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell  says that the pandemic benefits placed “handcuffs” on the recovery, and 2024 Goat Rodeo contender Sen. Ben Sasse says that benefits are “making unemployment pay more than work.”

Of course taking $300/week AWAY from 2M people will have a ripple effect on Possum Hollar’s local economies, but Republicants don’t understand market-based economics (see  Economics, Trickle-Down).

Now what makes all of this delightful, of course, is the way that the GQP is trying to re-brand themselves as the working-class party (populists?) as they strip working-class people of their benefits.

(And one need not dwell on stopping benefits is Cancel Culturing their base. Seems too obvious, but you know…)

The thing that is obvious is that if $300/week is keeping people from working, then let them keep getting $300/week while returning to work (those benefits don’t expire until September), but then everyone will clearly see that minimum wage is unlivable. And workers will see it right away.

Punishing working class people —and especially the unemployed— is what Republicans are all about. Every chance they get to shame, demean, and yes cancel poor people they will have at it.  We’ve said it before, Republicans will fight each other for the right to take the soup away from Oliver Twist.

UPDATE 1: good news!

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9 Responses to GOP Wants To Take The Soup Away From Oliver Twist, Again

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Don’t discourage them Ten, we want them to make the base miserable.

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    • It ain’t just the base, though. Il Deuce gleefully announced that he’s cancel-culturing that horrible $300/week so the dirty peasant’s don’t get uppity our heroic hospitality businesses can continue offering slave wages and the peasants will be forced to take the jobs.

      meanwhile here in the TSKoA we have simultaneously a real-estate boom driven by mostly out-of-state investors buying up houses and property and putting in expensive condos and such, and rapidly increasing homelessness because the rents are TOO DAMN HIGH!

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  2. spotthedog says:

    I think its obvious the GQP does masterfully nurture the macho ego, convincing manly men and tough women they do not need a damn thing from the gubmint. Many of the idiots would sooner starve than stoop to accepting aid from Dems. The GQP goal is always to cripple any perceived good acts by Dems, its what they do and they are good at it.

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  3. Olso my local rag has a column by Megan “Always Fractally Wrong” McArdle about how we NEED to end this turrible turrible unemployment benefit because the poor business owners won’e be in business if we let the slaves peasants workers get used to having enough money to live on!

    No literally this is what she said:

    We all have an interest in ensuring that, come September, there are enough viable businesses to provide those jobs to every worker who needs one

    Well, McMegan, you of the $1500 blender in your kitchen, will they be able to provode the 3 or 4 jobs those workers will need to make enough to live on.

    It’s just confounding to me how all of these high-falutin “freemarket-worshipping” Libertaretards like McMegan somehow never grasp that if you can’t hire people, maybe instead of using the government to reduce their circumstances so they are forced to starve or work for whatever wages you deign to offer, you could, oh, I don’t know, this is a radical Commie Marxist idea right out of ECON101…raise wages!!!


    • MDavis says:

      Aren’t these the same people who proclaim that anyone who doesn’t like the minimum wage should hold out for a higher wage?


  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    If I were good at photoshooping and memery I would put something together with Charles Koch standing in front of Moscow Mitch holding a bowl overflowing with Benjamins saying “Please sir, could I have some more?” while impoverished US taxpayers look on.


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