50-State Strategy Revived

“Gonna buy me some Mousies and ‘Nip!”

This article sort of flew under the radar, because the headline didn’t really grab me, “Dems reach new fundraising deal, with boost for GOP states.”  Did you get 50-State Strategy out of that?

ATLANTA (AP) — National and state Democratic officials have reached a joint fundraising deal to increase aid to state parties, with an extra boost for those in Republican-dominated states…

…DNC Chair Jaime Harrison touted the deal as a “50-state strategy” that honors President Joe Biden’s promise not to abandon down-ballot Democrats heading into the 2022 midterms.

“It’s not just about battlegrounds states but about all states,” Harrison said in an interview. “We know what history says, that the party in power loses seats. But we also know you can make your own history.”

Jaime Harrison knows something about developing a minor league that will eventually find players for the big leagues.

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2 Responses to 50-State Strategy Revived

  1. And somewhere Howard Dean is screaming again 🙂

    This is important. It’s about fucking time.

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    • R White says:

      Hopefully Jaime can rebuild what Dean started by kicking out all those who sided with neoliberals like Rahm and Wassermann-Shultz, who selfishly allowed that national party infrastructure to wither on the vine. His appeal to all voters is like that of Stacy Abrams and hopefully he can find the votes to possibly unlock some these red districts that give the antiquated senate the republicans’ advantage.

      He shouldn’t of conceded his senate race to graham. That race with the monies spent and polling, was questionable.

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