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And now we know what we always suspected:

How shady companies got millions of names for fake anti-net neutrality comments

Entered an online contest lately? Congrats! You could have unwittingly supported the repeal of net neutrality…

A 19-year-old created a bot that generated fake names, emails, and addresses to submit over 7.7 million comments in support of net neutrality. Meanwhile, the trade organization representing ISPs like Comcast and AT&T, called Broadband for America (BFA), paid $4.2 million to a lobbying firm, which employed a network of sketchy marketing companies, who ended up using stolen names, names from unrelated marketing campaigns, and even the names of dead people, for comments supporting a repeal of the rule.

Those campaigns generated more than 8.5 million fake comments and an additional half million fake letters to Congress. Three of the companies responsible are collectively paying $4.4 million in settlements for their actions.

It’s an eye-opener of an article, and a lesson in how our identity and data is collected AND being used against us.

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