FEC: Opt-Out Recurring Donation Is A Scam

Trump, in the key of f-u.

Guys, remember how Lord Damp Nut was siphoning off the bank accounts of Possum Hollar by pre-checking the monthly donation box for them, and that his marks would have to know to un-check it?

The FEC unanimously(!) voted to recommend that Congress forbid campaigns from grifting their donors like this. Congress, of course is a euphemism for Both Sides and this is Republican eff’ery, but whatevs. When it is so egregious that the entire FEC acts, you know it’s a complete scam.

I’m waiting for the Senate GOP to bury this (#MoscowMitch and his loud & proud 100% opposition proclamation), and it will be interesting to see what the Blue Dogs do, you know, because: bipartisanship.


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  1. Bruce388 says:

    That photo NEVER gets old. Whatever Melanoma’s getting paid to be the former guy’s escort isn’t enough.


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