Bad Ads, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

I mean, as long as we’re talking about renting during the pandemic…

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  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    That’s Atlanta. We need to shift our economy away from rent seeking

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    • BruceDesertrat says:

      $705 for a 3 BR? That’s inanely cheap!

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      • Wesley Sandel says:

        Sure, insanely cheap if you factor in a minimum or near minimum wage. three children, health care, car expenses, utilities, clothes, education. To make ends meet you have to work two jobs, get food stamps and rent assistance, use public transit exclusively, never get sick or a tooth ache, don’t require any savings and lurv Jesus. I have neighbors who exist on $750 a month with Medicare. Single people.

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  2. Or insanely as the case may be! Even here in TSKOA a 3br even in a shithole neighborhood is going for $1200 and up. We have a huge bunch of rapacious parasites gobbling up homes and flipping them or razing them and building 4-6apartments on the lot.

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  3. Wesley Sandel says:

    Anything except actually work for your wealth. It’s the Murican Way.

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  4. Strictly speaking, a front porch IS ideal for social distancing, since you can visit with neighbors from the railing while they are on the sidewalk….

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  5. Wesley Sandel says:

    Along the Gulf it was common for a family to live above their business and have both screened-in front and back porches for sleeping. If you don’t have ventilation fungus will grow on everything.


  6. Huntsville, Alabama … suddenly, $705 seems massively overpriced.
    The porch is an oddly added, oversized yet small, wooden side balcony on a modified garage in the tight and tiny backyard of what looks to be a enterprising and frugal desperado who really just wanted to operate a neighborhood Italian take-out window. It looks more like a hostage situation than a bonafide rental.

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  7. Ten Bears says:

    Available July 1st …


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