One Lump of Stupid or Two, Ohio?


Ohio state senator sees nothing wrong with driving while video conferencing

On the same day a distracted driving bill was introduced, state Sen. Andrew Brenner, R-Delaware, participated in a government video meeting while driving…
House Bill 283, introduced Monday, calls for a ban on writing, sending or reading texts, viewing videos or taking photos, live streaming and using applications while driving.
It would also make holding or using an electronic device while driving a primary offense, which would permit police to pull the driver over. Currently, texting while driving is a secondary offense for drivers over 18, which means police must witness another moving violation before pulling the driver over.
The legislation would allow for exceptions for voice-operated or hands-free use and emergency situations.
Previous efforts to make Ohio’s distracted driving laws tougher have failed to gain traction in the state legislature.

Gee, I wonder if he voted for the bill?


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