BREAKING: Fox News is BS Factory!

Breaking CNN!

“The lies these days are moving at the speed of light while spreading so much darkness. Take, for example, the uproar over this New York Post story that claimed that copies of a children’s book written by Vice President Kamala Harris were being given to migrant kids in their welcome kits. That tale from the border didn’t just border on B.S., this was USDA, grade A bullshit. And the reporter who wrote this story resigned, claiming she was forced to make it up, but the damage was done, pumped out over the airwaves at the bullshit factory known as Fox News.” — CNN’s Bob Acosta, on-air!

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5 Responses to BREAKING: Fox News is BS Factory!

  1. julesmomcat says:

    HE’S RIGHT! Cannot believe ANYTHING Fux Noise puts out!!!

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Seriously? When I said it on the air the feds dinged me a month’s airtime.

    Not Pirate Radio ~ legal chmegal, Pirate radio I would’ve gotten away w/it.

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  3. spotthedog says:

    Yeah, tell it brother! Hope he keeps it up, explaining how Rupert Murdoch has ass-raped America for years upon years with a constant stream of lies and misinformation, doing far more damage that Bin Laden could ever have hoped for. A lot of people are hard of hearing Bob, can you scream that out at the top of your lungs please?!

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  4. MDavis says:

    “Now it can be told!”
    What took him so long? Why isn’t every legit news outfit mocking him for being so late to this, erm, scoop? Oh, yeah, it’s because they have not been saying this, either.


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