Floriduh Fixes Voting While Black Problem

Guys, Floriduh is fixing it’s non-existent voter fraud problem by making it harder for Black Floridians to vote:

Florida Republicans pass election bill limiting access to vote

“…The bill will create new restrictions by adding more ID and signature requirements for voting by mail, as well as limit who can return a mail-in ballot. The bill will also expand the observation power of political parties to observe the tabulation of ballots…

…The Florida legislation, like that in Georgia, limits access to drop boxes for absentee ballots. The ballots must be staffed in person by a poll worker. They also must be set up 30 days before an election and can not be moved for any purpose. Access to the boxes must also only be available during early voting hours…

..As with Georgia, experts note that the changes in the state will most deeply affect Black, brown and low-income voters. “I think it will target people of color,” Democratic state Sen. Randolph Bracy told CNN. “It will affect them.”

Well, they cannot make it easier to vote because democracy might happen.

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3 Responses to Floriduh Fixes Voting While Black Problem

  1. Weird Dave says:

    To quote our friends at Electorial-Vote.com (and if you’re not reading them daily, why not?) quoting Jennifer Van Laar at RedState talking about H.R.1, “It’s not hyperbole to say that if this bill is passed and fully enacted, it would guarantee permanent Democrat Party rule.”

    They are scared witless.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    This is racist BS, but imagine how much worse it could have been if Georgia’s original bill was the starting point instead of a Pettus Bridge too far.

    Not only that, but the residual restrictions they’re trying to get away with will affect septugenerian Fox Republicans nearly as much as minorities. Kinda seems like they’re going through the motions on this one.

    Thank the FSM for Stacey Abrams.


  3. R White says:

    Expect deathsantis to go on Fox and whine like a lil’ bitch that liberal ‘woke’ cancel culture is sooooo unfair. And I thought republicans like deathsantis and kkkemp were supposed to be real men, not whiny bitches….FFS


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