Trump-Virus Round-up

And as long as we are starting our morning with the Trump-Virus (thanks a lot, Tucker):

Thank you President Handsome Joe Biden

America will begin sharing its entire stock of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines with the world once it clears federal safety reviews with as much as 60 million doses available for export.

[Insert your own joke about Fox News asking America-FIRST Anti-Vaxxers why is Sleepy Joe sending commie terrorists our life-saving, freedumb-violating vaccines. Actually, I kinda feel sorry for the chyron guys’ livers at this point.]

Help Is On The Way, India

Also on the vaccine front, President Handsome Joe announced that we will send India raw materials for vaccines, along with therapeutics, rapid-test kits, ventilators, PPE, and financing aid for vaccine production.

Why India, you ask? The MIT Newsletter thingie breaks it down for us:

The news: Vital medical supplies have started arriving in India as it battles one of the most acute covid-19 crises of any country yet. The country set a global record for new cases for the fifth day in a row yesterday, reporting 352,991 and 2,812 deaths. The true figure for daily cases is almost certainly far higher, and may now number in the millions.

The outlook: The situation is dire. The healthcare system in much of India has collapsed, with no intensive care unit beds available for new patients. Hospitals have run out of oxygen, meaning patients are suffocating. Parking lots have been turned into mass cremation sites.

Help on its way: Aid has started pouring into India from around the world. The WHO is sending oxygen, laboratory supplies, and field hospitals to India, along with 2,600 experts to work alongside local health officials. The UK, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are sending oxygen and ventilators, while the US has promised to send the raw materials to manufacture the AstraZeneca vaccine, plus ventilators, protective equipment, and test kits.

What will the impact be? While helpful, scientists say that aid will only make a “dent” in the crisis India is experiencing. The situation may be worsened by the emergence of a new virus variant dubbed B.1.617. But experts say the fact the government relaxed restrictions too quickly also contributed to the catastrophe, along with prioritizing vaccine exports. Even now, India has still not gone back into a national lockdown.

A you probably know, after China, India has the world’s largest population. This is a humanity-busting crisis.

Thank you Bernie!

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Friends have pushed the White House for a temporary patent waiver for Trump-Virus vaccines, because, you know, speeding up the global vaccine rollout should take priority over Big Pharma’s profit margins. Big Pharma, of course, is objecting:

And I think that’s the state of play.

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4 Responses to Trump-Virus Round-up

  1. spotthedog says:

    Handsome Joe and Bernie are letting their humanity show. The talk of sending vaccines to other parts of the world would seem like a good way to pique the interest of those hesitant or reluctant to take it – “Wait, I want mine first!”.

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  2. I’d like my second shot with red curry and coconut milk then.

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  3. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!
    I swear to Oh Mylanta that all of this #COVID19 Tom fuckery is just to help ensure that the US remains as chaotic and dysfunctional as possible and that people are rendered apathetic and hopeless in the face of an inept government’s inability to mitigate the virus. Because if people are apathetic and have a sincere belief that government cannot help them, then they’re less likely to participate in governing and won’t mind when the GQP launches its single-party pseudo-democratic autocracy, which is on schedule — if you haven’t noticed with the latest census data — to launch in 2022.

    I don’t think this is some kind of conspiracy. I think this is just what happens when you wind up the useful idiots and let them go. They just carry their defiance to the bitter logical end.



  4. MDavis says:

    I’m pretty sure I read a hit piece last week about mean old Biden refusing to send the raw materials for vaccine making to India.
    Quick turnaround, that.


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