President Biden Breaks Records

Joe Biden
(undated file photo)

Hey guys, remember when TFG told us all that Handsome Joe Biden would CRASH the US economy if he (Lord Damp Nut) was not re-elected? That we would all be living in refrigerator boxes down by the river and boiling shoes for dinner (as part of our 4-pounds of beef we would be allowed per year, perhaps?) – here’s a refresher:

It seems Lord Damp Nut was wrong! First time for everything, amirite?

  • President Joe Biden has witnessed an unprecedented growth on Wall Street in his first 100 days in office, better than any of his predecessors going to at least Dwight Eisenhower.
  • Massive stimulus and a booming economy, both of which were underway well before he took office, have helped propel the market.
  • If anything, the market’s main worry may be that it’s moving too fast and a policy mistake could slow it down.

So far in his young presidency, President Joe Biden has been one of the best friends the stock market has ever had…

“Biden’s first 100 days have already delivered the strongest post-election equity returns in at least 75 years, due to record fiscal stimulus and despite heavy use of Executive Orders,” JPMorgan Chase strategist John Normand said in a note. The results are “not bad for some [former President Donald] Trump labeled as Sleepy Joe during the campaign.”

Indeed, Biden’s results have been staggering so far.

Weirdly, President Handsome Joe Biden has not tweeted about it, oh, 110 times/hr, nor referred to hisself as your favorite prznint, so I’m not sure we can believe this FAKE NEWS!!1!

[All the usual disclaimers are in effect: the stock market is not the economy, people are living down by the river, and rising tides lift all yachts. We have a long, Long, LONG way to go before all Americans are secure, but this news is a data point to keep in mind when debating your Facebook Rage Uncle.]

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5 Responses to President Biden Breaks Records

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I’m so relieved, not about markets, and cabbages, and kings, but about the quietness that ensues when Joe goes about his business…

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    • R White says:

      That quietness just goes to show the mark of a true leader regardless of what the worthless beltway media thinks. Probably keeping us average schmoes in the dark to avoid something akin to a general strike if we really knew how much shit fat nixon left behind for others to clean up.

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  2. sos says:

    President Joe Biden has been one of the best friends the stock market has ever had…

    I guess we can (probably) consider LDN as officially Cheered-Up!

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