Area Man Offers Bad Advice

Tucker Tries Truth in Advertising!

Last night TV Dinner Heir Tucker Carlson had a nutty:

Even Politico’s email thingie noticed:

IS TUCKER CARLSON LOSING HIS MIND?: OK, some of you will argue that he lost it long ago. But as careful students of his evening show, we’ve noticed that Carlson has gradually become more unhinged in recent weeks. He’s devoted enormous attention to apologias for the Jan. 6 insurrectionists. He seemed noticeably perturbed the night that DEREK CHAUVIN was found guilty. And under the banner of just asking questions! he has given quarter to anti-vaxxers and Covid-19 conspiracists.

But on Monday night, during a rant where it was hard to tell whether Carlson was serious or not — his Trump-like way of distancing himself from the content of his monologues is to always keep you guessing as to whether he’s just putting you on — Carlson made a comment that was beyond the pale even for him, and especially strange for a self-styled anti-nanny state libertarian.

“Your response when you see children wearing masks as they playshould be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid at Walmart,” he said. “Call the police immediately, contact child protective services. Keep calling until someone arrives.”

We hate wearing masks in uncrowded outdoor spaces as much as anyone, and hopefully the CDC will update its guidance on that today. But seeing parents abide by the current CDC advice that kids over the age of 2 “wear a mask correctly when in public and when around people they don’t live with” is not a good reason to sic child protective services on strangers at your local big box store. And we’re pretty sure Carlson knows that, even if some of his viewers might not, which makes his appeal to snitch on mask wearers even worse. Watch the full clip here

Tucker needs an intervention. That was unhinged, and if his elderly unvaccinated audience takes his message to heart, he’s hurting them and maybe killing them.

And of course, calling Child Protected Services repeatedly “until someone arrives” is really a terrible idea for a lot of reasons:

I do not know if there is anywhere in the country where the Trump-Virus is completely under control and I kinda doubt it. Here in King County WA, our Covid rate is spiking (again), and we are probably going to return to Phase 2 restrictions in the next week as we have easily fallen out of all the guidelines and metrics to stay in Phase 3, and yes, everywhere I look in the Emerald City there are unmasked people congregating.

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13 Responses to Area Man Offers Bad Advice

  1. spotthedog says:

    That face is SOOOOO punch-able!

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  2. laura says:

    Tucker is going full Radio Rwanda with his call to action. This is dangerous and if he’s testing viewers for compliance, what will he ask if them next? He’s also conflating mask wearing with adult public genital exposure. These are beyond propaganda let alone entertainment. This shit is dangerous yet the Murdoch family is all tickety-boo with it.

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    • This. He isn’t unhinged, he doesn’t need an “intervention” he needs to be charged with incitement to violence.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      I’ve been thinking similar thoughts, but the comparison of his show to Radio Rwanda is spot on. It’s only a matter before someone gets hurt or killed by the maniacs who follow him. In a better world he would be held to account for his actions, but as the conviction of Chauvin happened because of zero doubt, maybe we can do better…

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  3. Redhand says:

    WTF is the matter with this troll? Rhetorical question, I know, but he remains an absolutely nauseating excuse for a human being. And fukin Fox. They should be sued for creating a public health risk by allowing this shit on the air.

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  4. Carlson has basically been given carte blanche by the Murdochs and is now throwing the gates wide open on his vile craziness. I predict it will get even worse.

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    Tuck, and any of his cucks, are welcome to harass me 😎

    Tim McVeigh hit the wrong building …

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  6. mr perfect says:

    My thinking when I heard Cucker telling his red hat devotees to harass me when I come to visit my daughter south of the 49th was, “Oh goodie! I’ll assume said asshats are packing heat which allows me to use as much force as necessary when standing my ground. My 18 years of training self defence with ex military and ERT (SWAT) police officers will come in handy.” And unlike the killer cop, I would place my shin bone and put as much weight needed across red hat’s jawbone while using a pain compliance (finger, wrist or elbow lock) to control the idiot and not a knee down on the neck. Red hat could suffer finger/elbow/jaw dislocation or a broken wrist but would still be alive. Then he could sue Cucker for medical costs for his visit to the hospital.


  7. julesmomcat says:

    Fucker Carlson is more dangerous than COVID-19.


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