Imagining The New Normal After The Pandemic

This was very moving: An art instructor asked the students to design a New Yorker cover for after the pandemic and the return to normal:

I gotta say that the last one pretty much gutted me.

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1 Response to Imagining The New Normal After The Pandemic

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Wow. I’ve said for almost a year that the one thing that will characterize the return to normality is seeing who’s just not around- there will be missing faces, missing voices. It hit me when I learned last July that the owner of one of my favorite Indian restaurants, an effusive, diminutive Bangladeshi man, had died of COVID. Every time I go back to Swagat, Mohammed’s absence will be palpable.

    As I return to other places, I wonder who just won’t be around.


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