American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism: Dumpster Diving Eagle

We are a nation of idiots, apparently:

Nearly 8% of Americans who received their first COVID-19 shot are SKIPPING out on the second dose

  • More than five million people , or nearly eight per cent who received first COVID-19 shot have skipped out on their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines
  • Some people have opted out of second dose because they believe they’re protected with a single shot while others are fearful of the flulike side effects
  • In addition, Vaccine providers have been forced to cancel second-dose appointments because they keep running out of supply
  • Meanwhile, some states are also finding that people aren’t interested in getting the shots and are having to turn down vaccine deliveries altogether

To some degree I understand the denialism of the Q-spiracy and anti-vaxxers (at least they are consistently stupid), but I do NOT understand people who got the first shot and then said, “Naw, I’m good.”

I’m looking forward to being vaccinated someday, and I’m fine with wearing a mask (even AFTER I’m vaccinated) and I will be delighted to have an excuse to keep my distance from “people with whom I share nothing except the right to trial by jury,” as Fran Lebowitz once said.

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  1. artahzen says:

    I hope you get your shots very soon. I have completed mine, Mr Zen and Lil Zen have each had their first shots and have appointments for the second ones. I am so happy that they are both on their way to as much protection as they can get. I hope that for you too, my friend.

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  2. Why can’t you get yours, TG?? Here in TTSKOA it’s open to anyone over 18. And no, they mean your real age, not the fact that you’re a 12YO trapped in a grownup’s body 😛

    This is front page news here, too; vaccinations are down 13%, and we only have 45% of our population vaccinated. They’re despairing of ever reaching herd immunity, which they now calculate to mean 85%+ vaccinated.

    Monday is Mrs BDR’s “yay fully vaxxed up!” 2 weeks post second shot date.

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    • tengrain says:

      It’s getting the appointment that is difficult and because Seattleites are smarter than the average bear we signed up in mass for the vaccines and overwhelmed the supply and the terrible appointment finder, we run out of vaccine regularly and so they make the time between shots one month (or more). It also took longer for the Governor to open it up for everyone.

      Being a young-old with no co-morbidities (and being decidedly non-essential as my high school guidance counselor accurately predicted), I was at the back of the line. But I honestly wanted people who needed it more and who are essential to be ahead of me.

      Anyway, I have an appointment; we’ll see how it goes.



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      • We had the great luck to be attached to a county where they had people and institutions who could manage these appointments better.

        In the beginning it was a mess, took about a month to shake out all the bugs and making systems (county health dept, the University, two big hospital systems) all talk to each other. Mine was a pain, I got signed up, and then had to re-sign up a couple times because it was messed up, but then it went smoothly.

        By the time it was Mrs BDR’s turn, I just had to pay attention to when they announced that new appointments were opening up, and click click click through a few screens that I only had to fill out once, you could select the date and time for the first shot; they scheduled your second when you got your first, bing bang boom.

        The process was great, big drive-through area on campus, about 4 miles from our house, and was run really smoothly; for all our shots mine and hers it took less than a half hour and most if it was the mandatory 15 minute waiting time post shot.

        Hope yours goes as well!


  3. Ten Bears says:

    I tend to look at these trends as natural selection.

    The reverse zombie effect ~ the deniers stumbling around looking for brains.

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    I understand the difficulty in signing up. Cindy T and me went from website to website searching for the vaccine, but it was nearly impossible to get scheduled in a reliable way. Finally we drove to Salem and just appeared at the fairgrounds where vaccines were given. We’re a month out from our second dose…
    Yeah I don’t understand the hesitancy factor either for the first or second dose, and yet, here we are. Way to many people get their info from conspiracy platforms, and/or the right wing media (both nearly the same), and just believe what they want to believe. Covid-19 will end badly for these folks…

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  5. julesmomcat says:

    DadCat and I had our Moderna vaccines in 13 Jan and 10 Feb, with virtually no side effects, whatsoever, and we still wear masks everywhere we go. Cannot believe how many dumb asses are completely bare-faced, here in Tennessee. They’ve already perfected ‘herd-stupidity.’

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  6. MDavis says:

    I’m with you on the social distancing and masks. It was actually nice to skip catching the flu and/or at least two colds this year. I’m pretty sure that even-the-kids, those little germ factories, wearing masks had something to do with it.
    My second shot will be in a couple weeks, a month after my first.

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