Your Kind Couldn’t Shelter Here… But Now You Can

Didn’t know mouths could get hemorrhoids.

HUD scraps Trump proposal on transgender access to single-sex homeless shelters

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is withdrawing a Trump-era proposed rule giving federally funded single-sex homeless shelters the choice to house only people whose biological sex, rather than gender identity, matches the sex of the shelter.

The Trump rule, proposed last July, would have rolled back transgender protections included in HUD’s 2016 Equal Access rule, which mandated access to shelter based on a person’s self-expressed gender identity.

There was no end to the cruelty and the meanness of the 4th Reich, and President Handsome Joe Biden is trying to right a lot of wrongs, but this policy from TFG would have ended up killing people.

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4 Responses to Your Kind Couldn’t Shelter Here… But Now You Can

  1. julesmomcat says:

    “Didn’t know mouths could get hemorrhoids.”
    He’s just puckered up to give Pooty-Poot a BJ.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    But, BUT, BUT!!! THAT was the whole point of the cruelty – starve ’em, force them out into the elements, instead of providing shelter, put your thumb down, and PUT IT DOWN HARD!!!. Deny them ANY kind of assistance, in hopes that multitudes of “The Poorz” will just wither and die.But most of all, you have to have an obsessive hatred for anyone who’s not a MAGAT supporter, and revile them, “Don’t go easy on them,” keep the flames burning, and turning us against each other. Such strife engenders confusion, and that’s probly our biggest problem these days: who can you trust, for your daily news? Things are running MUCH more smoothly, and Biden is making BIG changes, even just undoing tRump’s pathetic attempts, and the Stock Mkt. keeps going up, while unemployment is going down, and that shit ain’t supposed to happening!

    So, the folks down in Possum Hollar must be really confused, because of the cognitive dissonance, when what they watch on Faux Newz is different from what their own lying eyes are showing them every day. IF they have any other info-source, it just makes it all the worse
    and it seems like all that’s needed these days is for the fuse to be lit, I think, and things could get REALLY ugly, especially when we approach Election 2022.

    All because of an excess of Melanin, that causes some people to have darker skin, compared to us lily-white WASP-types, so they can’t possibly belong, or get along with the Rest of Us.

    Fear anything different; crawl into your shell, stick your head in the sand, but come out & raise a ruckus occasionally; but most of all, no matter what, if it hurts you personally, or affects your family negatively, we HAFTA pwn the Librulz.

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