Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead @NamelessCynic on the electrical Twit machine

The temperature dropped here in The Peoples Republic of Seattle from 70°s to the low 50°s and you’ll be shocked to learn that it is raining.

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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Not nearly enough to put a dent in the (Mega-) Drought, and the same goes for my area. The reservoirs that hold our water supply for this region are down to levels only seen in the Fall.

    And most of the people living here are clueless; they keep insisting on having a lush, green lawn, which SUCH a water-waster. Better to have your yard landscaped for a more desert-like environment, or grow veggies there. I can remember the last “Big Drought,” which lasted for 4 or 5 years, and the reservoirs got perilously low., and the Water Cops got really serious about handing out citations whenever and wherever they saw scofflaws. The clues were quite obvious – and they even started ticketing people for not having a brown lawn, which was a temporary ordinance passed by our County Board of Supervisors.

    And if they don’t do that same shit again, then there’s no hope, for either civilization as a whole, or just here, in my part of the Late, Once-great section of CA

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I feel your pain. Here in the NY metro area, it was 70 last Tuesday and down to 36 (felt like 27 with the high winds) by Wednesday night). I’m glad I didn’t pack away the flannel-lined jeans yet.

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  3. glitterbug says:

    Yep! It’s called April in New Jersey.

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    • sos says:

      Or Wisconsin. 52 high today, 82 forecast for Tuesday. At least the sleet didn’t show up today. It did snow Tuesday & Wednesday last week though.

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  4. artahzen says:

    Here in So Cal, the weather has been fluctuating wildly! Rain, overcast, low 60’s and then HEAT will be arriving midweek. We had hail a few weeks ago; that was a hoot! I remember being in school and in May, it was hot, leading us to yearn even more for June and the end of the school year. But when June got here, it was (is) always cooler and more overcast than May. We call it June Gloom. By July, it can be blazing here.

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  5. Here in the TSKoA March was hot, and April’s been slightly cooler and really windy, which is kind of inverted; anticipating upper 90’s though, next week.

    The cactus and mesquites are blooming, saw my first saguaro blooms the other day, and some of the the palo verdes are just loaded with yellow. It’s the last days of spring here (no matter what the calendar says) May will be steadily hotter and June can best be described as what it’s like to exist between Satan’s hammer and Vulcan’s anvil.

    Come July we’ll find out just how doomed we are this year rain-wise; we normally get a couple inches between january and now and we’ve only had a fraction of that. If we have another non-soon season we’re going to be in dire straits. (Here in Southern AZ we get roughly half our annual rainfall in July and August when the annualk high pressure dome over the four corners area pulls in moisture from the Gulf of California and Gulf of Mexico for our ‘monsoon’s … last year we had only one hard rainfall here all summer, and since it was a La Niña year, our winter rains were pretty nonexistent.)

    Megadroughts suuuuuck. We’d give anything to be complaining about “rain again”; count y’alls blessings!

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  6. MDavis says:

    The weather alert for here from a couple of days ago literally said to expect rain but “not drought busting rain”. It’s mostly agricultural around here so there are probably more people who understand the connection between lack of water and the public spirited act of keeping water consumption low. They keep a pretty close eye on the reservoirs.


  7. revzafod says:

    Here in my Dallas suburb, it got down to 34.2F last Wednesday morning, 40 days after the normal last-frost date, but all my ‘maters are healthy.


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