Getting Into Good Trouble

The Coup Klux Klan is trying to make Auntie Maxine into the monster hiding under the bed:

WATERS CONTROVERSY SPIRALS — Congressional Republicans eager to turn the spotlight from their own civil war to the Democratic Party have finally found their diversion in Rep. MAXINE WATERS.

A Black woman. You don’t say?

House Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY announced Monday nightthat he would force a vote this week on whether to censure the California Democrat for calling on Minnesotans to “get more confrontational” if DEREK CHAUVIN is acquitted of murdering GEORGE FLOYD.

Calling for peaceful protest is as American as apple pie, K-Mac. Even the late Rep. John Lewis would call for some good trouble.

Speaker NANCY PELOSI said Waters has nothing to apologize forand was merely calling for civil rights-type protests. But Republicans are having a field day. The controversy dominated Fox News on Monday night, and GOP lawmakers are tripping over themselves to be quoted on the topic.

The White Supremacy Caucus is leaping at the chance to metaphorically lynch a Black woman? I’m shocked, shocked, I say.

Never mind that many of the House Republicans accusing Waters of inciting violence refused to condemnTrump for riling the Jan. 6 mob. Not that we would ever expect intellectual consistency …

Tensions remain high in the House after Jan. 6, with Democrats privately lamenting that they’re working alongside apologists to an insurrection.

I’d be alarmed too. It would be alarming if the Democrats were complacent working with traitors and insurrectionists.

Democratic leadership has privately worked to persuade many of these frustrated members to hold back on forcing votes rebuking their GOP colleagues to try to lower the temperature in Washington. They may be less restrained after the GOP-led vote on Waters.

God, I hop so. We need a little more grit, some stiffer spines. The CKK tried to hunt free-range Democrats AND overthrow the gubmint on January 6. This is NOT politics as usual. They should be moving with alacrity on the New Confederacy.

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6 Responses to Getting Into Good Trouble

  1. roket says:

    Intellectual consistency from the GQP?? Not as long as the wind blows.

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  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    Ms. Waters has all the great attributes the Repukes hate. She’s a Smart Female. She’s Black. She will continue to get in to Good Trouble. She speaks Truth. She will NOT back down.
    RepubliKKKcans, you picked the wrong battle with the wrong Lady !!!

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  3. Ava Middleton says:

    The gqp’s hypocrisy astounds me daily.


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