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I keep saying this: Crooks and Liars does not have to give up their HUGE platform to wee lowly bloggers, but they do and they are to be commended for it. It’s a testimonial to the old internet that they still give a hand-up and encourage a diversity of voices. And it is an honor that they trust me to curate a weeks worth of links, too. Also.

As regular readers know, I try to amplify single-shingle cool cats and kittens whenever possible, and even a few Scissorheads!

[Side Note: I was trying something new this week – each day I wanted to cover one topic from different bloggers to see what perspectives they bring to the table on that given topic; sort of academic and nerdy, but that’s how I roll when I want to understand something; research, baby!]

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Good morning! Pour yourself a strong cuppa Joe because it’s Infrastructure Week —we mean that in a good way— and The Former Guy attacked the GOP at [checks notes] a RNC-Donor Meeting, and our bloggers tell us in so many ways that the world has gone wacko and it is only Monday! We are not half-hearted.

Big Bad Bald Bastard gives us some advice that I wish we had taken.

The Mahablog says that the GOP has declared war on business owners.

The Carpentariat presents a new target in our (cancel) culture wars!

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about culture, The Louvre Museum has digitized the entire collection and put it on line for our quarantine viewing pleasure.


I’ve read that America is returning to normal, and by that I mean we’re already having mass shootings. Today, we look at gun violence. Because we have to.

Annie Asks You reminds us that gun violence is a public health threat. She’s right, of course.

The Rational Optimist says that gun violence proves that the Republicans are soft on crime.

In Saner Thought shouts that no one is coming for your guns.

We cannot talk about gun violence without looking at our boys in blue, according to eVille Times, and sadly that’s true.

Bonus Track: on a lighter note Open Culture invites us to a 7-decade Dance Party!


With Georgia Republicans trying their damnedest to suppress Black Americans from voting, our bloggers today look for Jim Crow and find him alive and well.

The Debate Link pities The National Review for having to justify their positions.

Lawyers, Guns & Money looks at The National Review’s history: Jim Crow was too democratic.

The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser reports on the intersection of religion in America and Jim Crow.

Stinque is amazed that 200 years later, American democracy remains so dangerous… for some.

Bonus Track: Amusing Planet details how scientist are studying rubber duckies lost at sea in 1992. There’s a lot to learn!


There’s no question that our failed political press botched the J&J vaccine pause story. Subsequently the media doubled-down by speculating that the J&J news would make more Americans not want to get vaccinated, and lo! They were right: people are more hesitant to get vaccinated. The media says it is only asking the questions, y’all, but I think as usual they are driving the narrative. Our bloggers today look at the story from all sides. Roll-up your sleeves!

One Foot Tsunami looks at the Risk-Reward Calculus of the J&J vaccine.

Mike the Mad Biologist is horrified that so many state governments just gave up trying to stop the virus.

Strangely Blogged wants to find a cure for the phrase “abundance of caution.”

Hopes & Fears notes that —of course!— Tucker Carlson went full Tinfoil Hat. Because there is nothing that man cannot make worse.

Bonus Track: NotionsCapitol proves to us that the Pandemic was good for graphic design: ‘Six Feet Apart Please.’


20 years of should-we-stay-or-should-we go, President Biden is getting us out of the endless Afghanistan war. A generation of bloggers started during Dubya’s Great Adventure, and seeing it declared over is both long-overdue and anticlimactic at the same time. Today, our bloggers bring us some perspective.

Bark Bark Woof Woof says that America always sticks with bad policy because victory is always in sight.

Just Above Sunset reminds us that pointless wars always are lost.

gregsfallis says, forget it, Joe, it’s Afghanistan.

Claytoons bids Afghanistan goodbye.

Bonus Track: Because it is a Friday we thought tonight you could use some AI-generated pick-up lines.


Back in January, President Biden promised to create a commission to study reforms to the SCOTUS, and lo! —via executive order— last week he created a commission to study possible Supreme Court reforms. This week, the Democrats in Congress released a bill that would increase the seats on the Supreme Court from nine to thirteen. Today our bloggers look are right-sizing the GOP-packed court.

Zandar Versus The Stupid says “Nine Will Get You Thirteen, Supremely.”

Hullabaloo asserts that they stole they stole the court.

News Corpse listens to Fox News so we don’t have to.

Bonus Track: Politicians are poody heads has the last word on Tucker Carlson.


What a week! We’ve gone from Infrastructure week, to mass shootings, to the return of Jim Crow, to our failed political press, to the end of Endless Wars, to Republicans packing the Supreme Court, and all of these stories remind us that we don’t need the GOPs’ fascist groove thang!

No More Mister Nice Blog handicaps the upcoming Georgia gubernatorial race and finds the challenger… lacking.

The Rude Pundit says that Republicans are not being subtle, and that’s a lot coming from him!

Balloon Juice proves that where’er you are around the world, you’re eff’ed if you are under conservative rule.

Bonus Track: Shower Cap sums up the week as only he can!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your week, and I hope to return again soon. Keep up the good fight, we got the fascists on the run!

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