Guilfoyle: ‘$20, Same As In Town’

The Best… Is Yet… TO COME!!1!

Kimberly Guilfoyle, last seen as Junior Mints’ emotional support cougar, is branching out into other work for a different sex fiend, as the Hill tells us:

Guilfoyle named as national chair of Greitens’ Senate campaign in Missouri

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host and Trump campaign adviser, will serve as the national chair of Eric Greitens’s Senate campaign, a move that suggests the disgraced former Missouri governor is deepening his ties to former President Trump’s orbit.

“Governor Greitens is a fighter who has stood with President Trump and has a proven record of advancing conservative, America First policies,” Guilfoyle, who is dating Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., said in a statement issued through Greitens’s campaign on Monday.

“I am proud to join this team as the National Chair and look forward to championing Governor Greitens’ vision throughout Missouri and around the country.”

By Greitens’ vision, I suppose Kimmy means the hot photos from Greitens sex-dungeon blackmail operation?

Interesting that Kim didn’t offer her customary lap dance as a fundraising incentive, but I suppose Greitens gets that by hiring her? Unclear! Anyway, she brings some Trump connection to Creittens Campaign, but how well she understands Possum Hollar remains to be seen. This will be a fun one to watch. I’m expecting Hindenburg fireworks.

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5 Responses to Guilfoyle: ‘$20, Same As In Town’

  1. spotthedog says:

    Rumor has it a different guy drives her to a Starbucks almost every morning.

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  2. sos says:

    Greitens + Guilfoyle

    Who ties-up/photos whom?

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  3. revzafod says:

    ” I’m expecting Hindenburg fireworks.” But this time there’s no humanity involved.

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  4. Meremark says:

    The bitch…is still…a bum!


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