Meanwhile, In The Laboratories of Democracy

Exciting News From the Coup Klux Klan in MI!

NBC News tells us that the Republicans in Michigan have a devious plan to cram  election laws that the governor vetoes:

The ‘loophole’ Michigan Republicans could use to sidestep Whitmer on voting laws

“Michigan Democrats have promised that any bills that attempt to place new restrictions on voting won’t get past Gov. Gretchen Whitmer…

“…But the state’s GOP lawmakers, who enjoy majorities in both chambers but not enough to override a veto, have a unique option that could allow them to enact sweeping changes to elections in a critical presidential battleground without the governor’s support: a little-used quirk in the state’s ballot initiative process…

“…Under the Michigan Constitution, citizens can put an initiative on the ballot if they gather a certain number of signatures — at least 8 percent of the total number of votes cast in the last gubernatorial race. This year, that would be about 340,000 voters’ signatures.

“But before an initiative reaches the ballot, the state Legislature has the ability to pass the proposed law with simple majority vote in each chamber, and such a measure cannot be vetoed. This process is rarely used: Just nine other initiatives have become law this way in the last 58 years, according to the state.”

Got that? In a state of 10,000,000+ Americans, the Coup Klux Klan only needs 340,000 fellow fascists to overrule the Governor’s veto of their election rigging.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, In The Laboratories of Democracy

  1. Geez, here in the TSKoA the lege has the ability to just plop in a ballot measure (no signatures necessary!) but wee the stinky pipples still have to vote on it. That’s how the No Gay Marriage! one got on in time to hel Shrup get re-elected in the Great Gay Marriage Panic year of 2004. Even here the fundagelicals and momos couldn’t get enough signatures, so the lege kindly stuffed it in there for them.

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  2. vincelamb says:

    Using a provision to make Michigan more responsive to the people to restrict voting rights; how ironic!

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  3. Like rain (of blood) on your wedding day…


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