Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

Well, that’s a Kodak moment.

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14 Responses to Bad Signs, Cont.

  1. Well, that’s a Kodak moment.

    Betcha they use a Brownie, too…

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  2. TS Lewis says:

    Shouldn’t that be “retinal” ?

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Don’t it make my brown eye blue…

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  4. Isn’t that what my doctor is pestering me for?

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    And we wonder why folks are going postal at fedex …

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  6. sos says:

    Even the poster looks surprised. Chaos at the Southern border to be sure.

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  7. spotthedog says:

    AKA Republican mugshots.

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  8. spotthedog says:

    Oh I get it, that must be Rand Paul’s ophthalmology clinic, of course he would have an unconventional approach to eye exams.

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  9. beckymaenot says:

    Again- the scissorheads don’t disappoint.

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