Someone Bring Senatorette Graham His Salts

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

Guys, President Handsome Joe Biden says that the forever war in Afghanistan will conclude on symbolically important September 11:

“We cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the withdrawal, and expecting a different result. I am now the fourth United States president to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats. I will not pass this responsibility onto a fifth.”

The Hawks in the GQP are not happy, as you can imagine.

Liz Cheney Has A winning smile

The most important former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in our nation’s history, maybe ever and 3rd-ranking GOP member of the House, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming, Blam-Blam’s daughter) called the decision a “huge propaganda victory for the Taliban, for al-Qaeda.” And we should remember that her daddy Blam-Blam is big reason we were there to begin with.

But I digest…

No one was as unhappy as Senatorette Lindsey Graham who shrieks that another 9/11 is coming our way because of this decision:

“A full withdrawal from Afghanistan is dumber than dirt and devilishly dangerous. President Biden will have, in essence, cancelled an insurance policy against another 9/11.”

Graham went on Thumbhead’s, er, Hannity’s show to shriek some more:

Biden is “paving the way for another 9/11. To all of you who are listening, you remember where you were at on September 11, 2001. Our military told President Biden that if you withdraw all of our forces, al-Qaeda and ISIS will come roaring back, Afghanistan will disintegrate into civil war. And we can avoid all of that by having 3,000-5,000 American forces making sure that ISIS and al-Qaeda never come back to hurt us. He rejected that advice.”

And in case anyone missed his histrionics, the Senatorette had a bonkers press conference where he does more than a little, uh, religious fear mongering for Possum Hollar:

And in case you didn’t fully get his point he brought props:

Senator Huckleberry Closetcase never misses a chance to butch it up for the rubes back home.

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14 Responses to Someone Bring Senatorette Graham His Salts

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    We should know EVERY single member of Al-Qada and the Taliban by now; haven’t we been negotiating with these terrorists for umpteen years now? Aren’t we familiar with all their faces and names?

    Then just put ’em on the “Do Not Fly” list, and they’ll never, ever get over here, and just let ’em duke it out over there, and hopefully they’ll all kill each other.

    Problem solved.

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  2. lofgren says:

    “Well I was going to blow up a building in the US, but they still have troops in Afghanistan, so I guess I will wait until the war is over.” – Terrorist logic, apparently.

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  3. sos says:

    Sounds EXACTLY like what he said when LDN “negotiated” the May 1 Afghanistan withdrawal.

    OR, it’s the acid kicking in, one or the other.

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  4. spotthedog says:

    “What makes you think this won’t happen again?”; because we’ve been taking off our shoes at airports for 20 years! And maybe we have people now who will pay attention to intelligence briefings. Guess they need a reminder of who gets credit for taking down Bin Laden. “We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here”; well you know we’ve got a kinda war going on with some religious fundamentalists here already, so what? A real withdrawal means a justification for reduced spending on military shit, they can’t allow that!

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    Oh My Goddess, that graphic is just adorable

    That, ahhhh … “won’t happen again” thing … I’m, ahhhh, the nineteen cavemen armed only with razors hijack airplanes over the most heavily guarded airspace in the known history of the universe and crashing them into iconic American structures miraculously imploding them, and an adjacent unimpacted structure, into their own footprints … yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna’ happen again. That was a once-only and whoever did it isn’t gonna’ do it again.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      No, maybe not the exact same occurrence, but one similar could happen, I suppose. And once the Infrastructure Bill gets passed, maybe we could contact whoever DID the awful deed, and contract-out the demolition projects.

      Makes sense inna strange sorta way…but that type of expertise isn’t found just anywhere

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  6. Meremark says:

    10 Bears redux:

    “What makes you/me/them think the Legend (™CIA) of Nine-Eleven Op as recited happened the first time, actually?”

    Many unanswered ‘What-abouts’ include this obscure photo journal of installing BB18 detonator buss bars in WTC during Summer 2000 which NYTimes withheld a year to publish in August 2001.
    ‘What about the detonators?’.

    [ browser history alert: inquiring minds may be inquired of ]

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  7. R White says:

    Most people should know by now that whenever this sycophantic, grifting uncle mary does his lil’ butch song & dance act proclaiming the greatness of our bloated, overrated and exhausted military along with how they can never come home from the known historical “graveyard of empires,” he’s really freaking out that his million dollar stream of MIC cash donations that are spent on keeping his ‘rent boys satisfied & quiet along with his flamboyant lifestyle, will probably vanish.

    Like fat nixon as well as the late mccain, the MIC knowingly has kompromat on DC’s worst kept secret and uses that to get whatever they want when all miss lyndsey has to do is to stop being a self-loathing pantomime and admit what everyone already knows.

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  8. robginchicago says:

    Someone ought to point out to Senator Graham that if we really wanted to keep tabs on the Taliban and the remnants of Al Queda, we should be in Pakistan, not the pile of rocks next door, since that’s where just about all of the “bad guys” are staying. You know, the same place we found Bin Laden.

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  9. MDavis says:

    This comment seems to be an echo…

    To all of you who are listening…

    Sounds a lot like “Russia, if you’re listening…”
    I wonder who, exactly, he intended this for.

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  10. Redhand says:

    Senator Huckleberry Closetcase never misses a chance to butch it up for the rubes back home.

    After Jan 6, 2021, Sept. 11, 2001, seems a tad irrelevant.

    It isn’t just that Graham is a craven asshole; it’s that he’s such a predictable craven asshole.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Redhand – much like Cruz, and Rubio and the rest, they are SO good at the cosplay, that they have enough confirmed voters hornswoggled, boondoggled, bamboozled and beholden to their spell, that reelection is a cinch, considering the amount (or lack thereof,) of 2 or more brain cells that can be rubbed together to produce a lucid thought, by their constituents and followers.

      Because it IS a cult; of that there can be no doubt; all that’s lacking is a Jonestown redux.


      • MDavis says:

        The Jonestown massacre (according to the Wikipedia) killed only about 900 people, mostly church members.
        TFG and crew have long since surpassed that if you count excess pandemic victims.
        This is the sort of thing I think about when I read about people wanting to preserve and increase TFG’s accomplishments.

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