PizzaGaetz, Cont.

Matt Gaetz stinks on ice

Long-in-the-tooth Prom King Matt Gaetz’ mobile phone was seized by “federal agents [who] executed a search warrant and seized his iPhone, according to interviews with three people who were told of the matter by Gaetz, who changed his phone number in late December,” according to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!).

We can only wonder if it is his spank bank phone that he so generously shared with his elders in the GQP and on the floor of the House.

MIAMI — The group took off for their Bahamas weekend getaway on three separate flights. Most of the passengers, which included at least five young women, flew out of Orlando on two separate private planes. Matt Gaetz flew commercial.

The details of that September 2018 trip are sparse, but they are critical to the allegations against Gaetz, the Florida congressman currently the subject of a federal sex-crimes investigation that is threatening his career…

But wait! Someone  interesting is now getting pulled into PizzaGaetz: Floriduh Gubnor Ron DeSantis:

At the time of the 2018 trip, Gaetz was a top adviser to Republican Ron DeSantis, who was running for governor, and went on to manage his transition team months later. DeSantis has long been a top Gaetz ally but declined to comment on his legal woes Monday when asked by reporters.

I’m waiting to hear that Gaetz was a low-level covfefe boy on the campaign. No one knew him.

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  1. Late December?? No WONDER he was so enthusiastic about those ‘blanket’ pardons he was urging TFG to issue.

    He’s known he was fucked all along, hasn’t he.

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    • tengrain says:

      The timeline is important, for sure. It also explains his enthusiasm in chasing after Lord Damp Nut’s enemies like Liz Cheney: he was trying to sweeten the deal for a pardon.

      It never made much sense to me, and now it does.



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