Jarvanka: The Rehab Continues

🎶 Looking out a dirty old window 🎵

Jarvanka is a fixer-upper with potential, according to Axios:

A constellation of Trump administration stars today will launch the America First Policy Institute, a 35-person nonprofit group with a first-year budget of $20 million and the mission of perpetuating former President Trump’s populist policies.

Why it matters: Two top Trump alumni tell me AFPI is by far the largest pro-Trump outside group, besides Trump’s own Florida-based machine.

In the coming months, the group plans to take a large office space near the U.S. Capitol as a symbol that it’ll fight to be a muscular, well-heeled center of the future of conservatism.

  • I’m told that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are informal advisers.

That would be the same Jarvanka who are forbidden from running any charities because they cannot be trusted with money, so why not get in on the grift of running a [checks notes] think tank. The empty vessel rings loudest. So much thinking to be done, there. Axios really reported that with a straight face. Unbelievable.

But now that they are out of power allegedly building a new trash palace somewhere in a Floriduh gated island community ($35M Amero empty lot!), I would that that the former First Shady would be able to pick up where she left off on her life’s work of Instagramming herself in serene white places, holding a sheaf of empty pages, starring out a window with a steaming white mug nearby.


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12 Responses to Jarvanka: The Rehab Continues

  1. ming says:

    Trumpism, the new Scientology but without Xenu. Send us your cash.

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  2. laura says:

    Well well, the honorables include Linda McMahon and Larry Kudlow plus a bunch of right wing think tankers and religious zealot and striker with an iron bar Paul White Cain. Just my opinion, but I’d double check Larry Kudlow’s expense reimbursements for evidence of hookers and blow.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    In the coming months, the group plans to take a large office space near the U.S. Capitol as a symbol that it’ll fight to be a muscular, well, er round-heeled center of the future of conservatism.”

    (OFFICIAL tRump Hotel mattresses available to members at a deep discount.)

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  4. sos says:

    This should be a made-for-prison movie. The JarJarvankaing

    …scary white-on-white-on-white places…One LDN to “Rule Them All”

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  5. genelms says:

    ” perpetuating former President Trump’s populist policies.”
    TFG/LDN had no policies beyond self enrichment. The policies were from Meadows, Miller, Mnuchin, DeVos and all the other grifters, racists and sycophants with an axe to grind or an eye on the cash. The Judges were McConnell’s. TFG/LDN had no idea who any of them were, or cared.

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  6. MDavis says:

    President Trump’s populist policies

    Is that $35M lot a clue? Will they specialize in the family side-hustle (allegedly) of money laundering?

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  7. Thanks to the magic of cinematic time travel, here’s a peek at what will have been going on at JarJarvanka’s new trash palace:

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  8. R White says:

    ”perpetuating former President Trump’s populist policies.”

    It’s amazing that conservatives can continually state something so ludicrously & factually proven to be false, yet the worthless beltway media will report & repeat it as if it were some obscure law handed down from the founding fathers without once seeing the obvious grift implied within.

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