Haley: ‘$20, Same As In Town’

2024 is going to be a weird Goat Rodeo as the obvious contenders proclaim to devotion to Hair Füror so as to not enrage the mouth-breathing orcs of Possum Hollar:

I’m old enough to remember that Haley publicly blamed the Stupid Coup on Hair Füror. I’m pretty sure that he remembers that, too.

IF LDN runs, Haley wants to be on his short list of VPs, you know,  to be executed by MAGA later, as tradition requires.

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  1. R White says:

    Nimrata needs to be drug tested if she still contends like piyush “bobby” jindal a couple of years ago before her, that she, as an intelligent female minority will be warmly received by the legions of redneck assholes there in possum hollar.

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