Nomination For Cindy McCain

Tiger Beat on the Potomac breathlessly leads their morning email thingie with news of Cindy ‘Pills’ McCain, widow of former Senator John ‘Grandpa Walnuts’ McCain (enigmatic emboldening is theirs):

President JOE BIDEN is preparing to name Republican CINDY MCCAIN to a coveted ambassador post in Western Europe in what would be his administration’s first Republican appointee to a Senate-confirmed position.

McCain is undergoing vetting to be nominated for U.S. ambassador to the U.N. World Food Programme, a mission based in Rome, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter. This comes after the administration declined to install at least one member from the opposing party in a Cabinet position — a practice of three consecutive presidents (BILL CLINTON, GEORGE W. BUSHand BARACK OBAMA) before DONALD TRUMP broke the streak.

This will be interesting to see how the GQP reacts to this, and of course during the 4th Reich they easily confirmed Callista ‘Jaws’ Gingrich —Newticles wife #3 and mistress #2— to be the ambassador to the Holy See.  Eiron, the Goddess of Irony, nearly asphyxiated from laughing so hard.

Cindy McCain, the wife of the late Sen. JOHN MCCAIN, gave Biden a critical boost in Arizona with her endorsement of the Democrat over Trump. Biden was the first Democratic presidential nominee to carry the state since Clinton in 1996.

McCain, 66, is undergoing a background check for the post. The Biden administration is expected to announce most of its ambassadors at the same time, rather than individually.

Pills , as you might recall, was noted for stealing painkillers from her own charity, but has allegedly made her restitution and is clean now. Anyway, if amply be-chinned Mitch wanted to stick it to Cindy, he could.

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  1. MDavis says:

    Turtles lives in a glass house. He seems to believe it is bullet-proof glass. He could be right about that.

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  2. laura says:

    I’m going tone police on this. Let’s not kick her for the habit she had and kicked, let’s kick her for the lack of home training for daughter Megan. We can use more recovery success stories, but we don’t need the constant look at ME while rehabbing the GQP

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