And A Dark Goat Emerges for 2024

Proud Boy Lite Sen. Josh Hawley (GQP-MO)

Insurrection poster boy and noted Proud-Boy Lite Sen. Josh Hawley (R- Possum Hollar) is on a roll of fundraising that seems like a forewarning of trouble ahead.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac:

Sen. Josh Hawley raised more than $3 million during the first three months of the year, underscoring how the Missouri Republican converted his high-profile opposition to the certification of the 2020 election into big fundraising support.

You cannot keep a good fascist down, I guess, and fund-raising off of his support for Hair Füror’s failed Stupid Coup totally scans.

Hawley received more than 57,000 donations during the first quarter, according to a person familiar with the totals. He managed to raise nearly $600,000 during the 2 1/2 weeks following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, despite temporarily halting his fundraising outreach.

Meanwhile, Axios’ morning email thingie tells us earnestly:

Corporate giants would be barred from acquisitions, and century-old antitrust laws would get sharper teeth, under a “Trust-Busting for the Twenty-First Century Act” that Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) shared exclusively with Axios.

  • “This country and this government shouldn’t be run by a few mega-corporations,” Hawley told me in an interview.

…so he’s taking on the (Cancel) Culture Wars against US businesses who are threatening to boycott GQP for efforts to suppress voting:

“Executives from major airlines, retailers and manufacturers — plus at least one NFL owner — talked about potential ways to show they opposed the legislation, including by halting donations to politicians who support the bills and even delaying investments in states that pass the restrictive measures, according to four people who were on the call, including one of the organizers, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale management professor.

“While no final steps were agreed upon, the meeting represents an aggressive dialing up of corporate America’s stand against controversial voting measures nationwide, a sign that their opposition to the laws didn’t end with the fight against the Georgia legislation passed in March.”

You want proof? Back to Axios –

Between the lines: Hawley’s plan is more than a salvo against Silicon Valley. Its rules on mergers would cover dozens of U.S. giants in virtually every economic sector, from banking and health to retail and media.

Hawley is not running for re-election until 2024  and this tells us a lot about what we can expect. This haul would make the start of a formidable war chest in the 2024 Goat Rodeo.

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5 Responses to And A Dark Goat Emerges for 2024

  1. osirisopto says:

    I might be worried, but he has four years to cut his own throat.

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  2. MDavis says:

    He and Laura Boebert and their fund raising successes are just giving more proof that “those poor white boys”, who jumped on TFG’s wagon before theirs, are not poor at all.
    Well, poor in spirit. Poor in ethics.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    MD – Even those denizens of Possum Hollar and environs are mostly poor, they still send him money, from their meager retirement/SS/piggy-bank holdings, and were happy to continue doing so, until the “Opt-out” scandal. Their cultish loyalty is unfathomable to me.

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    • MDavis says:

      Yeah, see, I don’t understand that at all. Low information I get – no recognition of what TFG really is. The lies, the hypocrisy, the living off of daddy’s money, the bankrupting of small businesses to dodge a legitimate bill. I guess low information and low income can be conflated.

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  4. Stony Pillow says:

    Josh Hawley – the last President.

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