Get Thee Hence!

Don’t Interrupt the Blogger!
(H/T Scissorhead Moeman)

Infidel753 has done it again! Now, we are not saying that he is in league with Old Scratch, but we are saying that it ain’t natural that one person can come up with these lists that keep us busy and out of church every Sunday. Makes you think, hmmm.

Anyway: what are you doin’ here when you could be there?!

And if you are not there, then you should be at Scottie’s Toy Box where he has the Sunday Funnies posted.

And housekeeping note: I’ll be hosting Crooks and Liars’ blog round-up this week, starting tomorrow. If you’ve read a particularly good BLOG post (or written one, more likely!) let me know. I cannot promise that I will use it, but I do promise to read it! I’m turning off comments on this post so no one spoils the fun by posting a blog suggestion.

[We’re keeping this post on top —per tradition!— and any fresher posts will be below. — The Management]

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