Happy Birthday, Chuck Todd!

The Spice Must Flow

Some say today is UpChuck’s birthday, others say he was born today 49 or maybe 50 years ago, as we learned from UpChuck that the facts don’t matter.

Both Sides!

And that’s where we’ll leave it.

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Chuck Todd!

  1. Happy/Unhappy Birthday, Chuckles the Bothsides Clown!

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I’m going to UpChuck my breakfast…

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  3. R White says:

    “He got a real purty mouth ain’t he.”

    The cringe-worthy line often heard off-camera there at nbc and one that the face mullet (chuck) gleefully anticipates hearing every week anytime republican senators, especially the cognitively-impaired ron johnson and john kennedy show up for a blow-job by the host while regurgitating frank lutz’s latest set of empty republican talking points that somehow manage to blame democrats for republican managerial incompetence.

    Birthday? Who cares since this clown is still less popular than the long-dead corpse of tim russert.


  4. is that grimace supposed to be a smile?


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