Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T @NamelessCynic of the electrical tweeterverse

Dude gets around!

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    I passed my forklift test today. I did very well…
    My caregiver says I should be able to try the spoon tomorrow…
    I’ll see myself out, goodnight y’all…

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      JT – you know you’ve reached your peak, and are ready to graduate, when they allow you to use a butter knife., And if they promote you into advanced courses, and let you start carving things up with a steak knife, I either wanna be there, or watch an HD video of it.


  2. We’re having a contest with the other drivers, to see whose forklift operator hangs on the longest!

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  3. MDavis says:

    How many times did some driver hit the road with the forklift driver in his trailer before this sign was considered necessary?

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  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    Jeeze guvmint regulation at its librul worse. How do y’all think them thar lower Confederate states got their forklifts?

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  5. spotthedog says:

    I suppose that question could be answered by slamming on the brakes.


  6. Ten Bears says:

    That’s a good sign, if you’re the forklift driver.

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