‘Pardon Me?’


H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

You know, totally innocent people are well-known to request a pre-emptive blanket pardon from The Former Guy.

“Gaetz did not tell White House aides that he was under investigation for potential sex trafficking violations when he made the request. But top White House lawyers and officials viewed the request for a pre-emptive pardon as a nonstarter that would set a bad precedent.”

It says a lot when a notorious sex fiend’s people say that Matt Gaetz is too radio-active to help; and note that the mango-hued shitgibbon still has not said anything about Gaetz.

Lord Damp Nut even said nice things about accused sex-traffickers Epstein and Maxwell.

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6 Responses to ‘Pardon Me?’

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Dude, I am never going to be able to ever again wear my pearl-snapped western shirts in varying shades of lavender and tye-dye again. Well, OK, of course I will, it’s a short-guy thing, but damn … I’ve got one in that exact shade and that’s pretty foking creepy.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    When Gaetz gets indicted, I’m going to open that 16 y.o. Scotch I’ve been saving. Wait a minute!!! Wondering if I can afford a 20 y.o. Oh yeah I can. In fact I’ll buy two 20 y.o. bottles. Disclaimer— Cindy T tells me I’m not wired for 220. So it goes…

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    BTW, youse guyz and galz, the Rogue’s Gallery of congressional clown-critters I submitted to ‘Grain for his approval, and possible submission came from my FB Feed. I understand that a great number of you dislike or even despise that platform, but I find it a handy tool, and the way ‘ol Fuckerberg’s algorithms set up my “group,” I have NEVER had more than a minor complaint or two, and I have a loyal fan section that enjoy my posts on a regular basis, and even look forward to them.

    And I even have a surprise for you all later, that is a creative project I collaborated on with one of my FB friends. And without FB, I likely would have never been able to reconnect to old friends I’d been missing, and was longing to talk to again.

    So, like almost everything else in Life, it has its uses, but can easily be misused, or abused, even to the point of being used as a weapon of sorts.

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