Anyone Ever See A Block of Wood Run?

Pence is the one on the right.

Who knew that there were GQPers who didn’t want to hang Pence? What a world!

(Axios, so all the enigmatic emboldening are theirs as is a bullet list of one item.)

2024 watch: Mike Pence’s next move

Former Vice President Mike Pence today launches Advancing American Freedom, a policy and advocacy organization “to promote the pro-freedom policies of the last four years.”

The big picture: After lying low since the inauguration 77 days ago, Pence said the 501(c)(4)’s goals include “promoting traditional conservative values and promoting the successful policies of the Trump administration.”

  • The group also will “oppose the expansion of government” under the Biden administration.

Why it matters: Pence, 61, is automatically part of 2024’s opening top tier, and is giving a sense of his early message as he reengages in public life.

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7 Responses to Anyone Ever See A Block of Wood Run?

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Sorry, Fly Boy, but the MAGA cult wants theatrical crazy, not a soggy loaf of white bread.

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  2. You know the sad defeated haunted desperate look of the guy at the track that lost the house last week but hasn’t told his family, and just blew the money saved for his kid’s chemotherapy on the last race after their bookie said he’s coming for his kneecaps next, and he’s tapped out, can’t even embezzle more money from the job he was fired from?

    That times a thousand is the look on the faces of the degenerate gamblers of our vaunted “political press” . We’re only two months into the Biden Administration and they’re laying down bets on 2024.

    American Democracy is all just a horse race to them, a game, the next high, inconsequential because there’s aways another race in the next year or two, and winners to be picked, they got a system, they got a sure system, just watch!

    Never mind that their gamblers high winners and losers have real world life-or-death consequences for us. WE are all just the dirt that the horses race over.

    Words cannot begin to contain the contempt I have for their ‘horse race’ shit.

    (Also Dense hasn’t got a chance in hell, he’s got loser stench all over him; remember: ETTD.

    Well, to be fair he’s got much better chances for hell than heaven but I’ll wait for St. Pete to surprise him there at the end…)

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    • R White says:

      Trumpism to our degenerate, worthless beltway media is that uncut, pure white grievance drug of choice while everything else, especially the ‘respected’ republican establishment, is that watered-down, cut with laxatives & baby powder poor imitation of grievance & lib-owning. The beltway media’s stenographers are all tripping over one another in the vain effort to find the heir apparent to fat nixon much like junkies giving away their personal items to anyone who will fund such a nasty habit.

      My money’s on Ronnie Deathsantis…

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    Still doesn’t know anything about horses. I would laugh so hard …

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    • LOL, that too…though maybe that how Mother grabs his so he doesn’t know any better.

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      • StringOnAStick says:

        I was around horses a lot until my 20’s, and I never saw anyone grab a horse’s bridle or halter like that. Looks like a good way to break your wrist or lose a finger or two. Horses are, uh, reactive, as in “don’t think, just flip out”.

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  4. laura says:

    Mayonaise milkshake Mike probably not getting the nomination.

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