Infrastructure Week, Cont.

“Anyone got a ladder?”

One of the many truisms becoming crystal clear is that the GQP is not negotiating in good faith on any of the infrastructure stuff, and they are not even trying to hide it, not even slightly.

Amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell has already made that clear when he said,

“I’m going to fight them every step of the way, because I think this is the wrong prescription for America. That package that they’re putting together now, as much as we would like to address infrastructure, is not going to get support from our side.”

The GQP, of course, has not said why they are opposed, nor what they are in favor of, and so far have not offered any sort of plan of their own. Think of it as being their same plan for Obamacare: whinge and offer nothing.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie leads with a bit that shows us that President Handsome Joe Biden learned something about the GQP during the Kenyan Usurper’s years AND about our failed political press:

Over the weekend, ANITA DUNN, a senior adviser to President Joe Biden, sent a memo to reporters with the subject line, “Momentum Builds for American Jobs Plan.”

While we reporters turn up our noses at press releases, we love memos.They seem so official!

Dunn pointed to the positive reception the Biden infrastructure plan has received in the media and among some business, labor and environmental leaders, and pointed to a trio of polls, including a recent one from POLITICO/Morning Consult, showing support for various aspects of the AJP.

Dunn then turned her attention to how Republicans who oppose the plan have tried to attack it, and the news there was encouraging to the White House as well. “In the face of massive support from the public, it’s no surprise that Republicans have struggled to articulate a reason to oppose the President’s plan,” she wrote.

She dinged the GOP for expressing support for infrastructure spending under DONALD TRUMP but withholding it — so far at least — under President JOE BIDEN. Dunn suggested their opposition to the corporate tax hikes Biden has proposed shows that “Republican lawmakers have been quick to come to the defense of multinational companies.”

It seems pretty clear to me that Handsome Joe is making a wager that Wee the Peeples (including Possum Hollar!) will see the benefits of the infrastructure plan, just like we saw the benefits of the Trump-Virus relief plan; and that Wee the Peeples will see that the Republicans —none of whom voted for the Trump-Virus relief bill— are obstructing a bill that they like.

Voters wildly are in favor of soaking the rich to pay for roads/bridges/etc., too, and you’ll never guess who is opposed to that. Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) said that Biden’s plan represented “a repeal of one of our signature issues in 2017.” So no, the Republicans are not going to agree to pay for any plan by raising the corporate tax.

So does that means that the GQP would be OK with increasing the deficit? Of course not. The Democrats are proposing to follow the pay-as-you-go orthodoxy, and the Republicans are not negotiating.

Is there a bipartisan element? Sure.It’s us:  the White House is engaged in a massive outreach effort to sell the plan to the American public, hence the full-court press on the Sunday Talkies, and the strategy to use a memo instead of a press release.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein:  “We know it has bipartisan support in the country, and so we’re going to try our best to get bipartisan support here in Washington.”



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  1. Redhand says:

    Short-term myopia reigns in the GQP. Absolutely the only things they give a shit about are keeping the donor class happy, * * * and voter suppression. We could have bridges and overpasses collapse on an even more regular basis, and they still wouldn’t give a shit, It’s the GQP way.

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    • tengrain says:

      Redhand – they don’t even have that. Wait for the next item…



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    • Jimmy T says:

      They’re more retrograde than maybe we can imagine. Sure they want to appease their donors, but they’re more interested in denying approval of anything that makes Joe and the Dems look good. They have become the saboteurs of democracy….

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      • They have become the saboteurs of democracy….

        Become??? they’ve been busily working on that for decades. They’ve just been able to be a hell of a lot more open about it since ‘Ol Balls and Strikes shivved the VRA.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Rock & and a hard place. The Rethugs coming up for reelection must tread this minefield warily. “Do we retard teh Librulz, and hamstring them, to show ol Bubba back home our “firm resolve” in demanding fiscal responsibility, (and “election security” and tough anti-immigration tactics,etc., etc.)? Or do enough folks back home WANT what the Dims propose, and so will cast him out at the next election, if he goes against the strict party line, thus encouraging the wrath of Yertle McTurdhole, as well, besides?
    And what becomes of him/her if they DO decide to finally stand up, and Do The Right Thing for once. Are they a Rebel, or a Traitor? Both? Because our Founding Fathers were both, but they’re only assailed as heros because they won. Do they automatically become Dims, or just “The Enemy, the Opposition?” To both sides?

    What I foresee happening is that B/H will accomplish such a myriad of good works that the absolute, almost overwhelming hatred the Other Side has for us will have no choice but to begin fading, and the more wins we rack up, the more people will be pleased, and we will eventually reach a point where not only their “message” but their constant clamoring and yammering will fade away, and become even less than the meaningless drivel it is these days.

    (And can I request fur-lining the handbasket I’ll no-doubt be using, to reach my final destination? The reeds they use sure are scratchy, but maybe it’s meant to be that way, in preparation for meeting ‘Ol Scratch.)

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    • almost overwhelming hatred the Other Side has for us will have no choice but to begin fading,

      It has only ever been reduced to a low simmer in the nearly a century since the Great Class Traitor FDR incurred their undying emnity and vengeance.

      Forget the “r” next to their names. This is still the same class of oligarchs, white supremacists and would-be fascists that opposed and plotted a coup against FDR, bitterly fought the ending of Jim Crow and segregation, and sicced the goons on the strikers at GM.

      Before them we had the Gilded Age robber barons, and before them the traitors who tore this country apart in order to preserve their right to keep human livestock.

      TO THIS DAY this country suffers the ills of being half-free, half-slave.

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  3. roket says:

    Sadly, obstructionism is all they have left. It is their only unwritten party plank.

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  4. MDavis says:

    I kinda like the two-prong theory that I read in a Greg Fallis column
    1 – if they allow Democrats to help the people then their base will start to wonder why they wouldn’t help their base when they were more in power. So they’ll negotiate down to, let’s say, 1/3 of the Biden proposal and then vote against it anyway. Don’t want their feral base (that part in the basket) to get used to nice things or they might not be their base any more. It’s those pesky questions about “why didn’t you do this before?”
    2 – if you help poor people (you know, the ones who need help because they are poor) then they won’t donate to the GQP campaigns. I mean, they’re poor, what do they have to donate?
    This answers a lot of questions that amount to “What is wrong with those “people”? Plus I like simplicity. It also illuminates the necessity to get this AJP through, mostly intact. It’ll help people and might discourage the active dismantling of anything that helps us all.

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  5. H-Bob says:

    It’s already a tri-partisan proposal: Democrats, Independent (KIng) and Socialist!

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