American Airlines Learns From Delta’s PR Mistake

The Friendly Skies

Fasten your seatbelts

The bidnesses of The Gret Stet of Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy, seem to have learned from the bidnesses of Georgeduh and are trying to get ahead of the PR disaster coming their way via another Jim Crow extravaganza:

 Corporate criticism of GOP-led voting bills spreads to Texas

“American Airlines, which is based in Fort Worth, came out against restrictive voting measures that have a favorable path to reaching Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk in the coming weeks. Public opposition from the airline came after a package of sweeping elections changes cleared the GOP-controlled Senate and, notably, a day after some of Georgia’s most prominent corporate leaders came out publicly against a new election law after civil rights activists criticized their silence.

“Unlike in Georgia, the corporate criticism in Texas to the election bills comes before they have been signed into law. Corporate interests carry big clout in the Texas Capitol, but Abbott and other Republicans have given no indication of wavering in their pursuit of passing the measures before the session ends in May.”

And you thought Big Bidness couldn’t learn from their mistakes. American Airlines saw how Delta got dragged for not objecting before the fact and wanted that runway cleared.

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3 Responses to American Airlines Learns From Delta’s PR Mistake

  1. AA, Dell Technologies and Microsoft (who has a big presence in the state) have all come out against this.

    On the other hand The AZ GQP Senate has found someone to conduct their “audit” of the Maricopa county votes.

    We the taxpayers are on the hook for the costs of this useless exercise; a previous hand tally (we use fill-in-the-bubble paper ballots so the ballot indisputably indicates the intent of the voter, unless the ghost of Hugo Chavez seized control of the means of production voter’s hand and made them fill in the ballots…)

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  2. R White says:

    I’m of the firm belief that the conservative political cult of NO these days doesn’t worry so much about their lack of legislative solutions for their voters or the tone-deaf view that yearly tax cuts for corporations & the inbred wealthy arrogantly imply, rather that these ridiculous laws based not on fact, but raging emotions stemming from antiquated social wedge issues along with many racial hang ups, are the perfect vehicles to keep their attorney friends and legal colleagues busy with non-stop billable hours that ultimately affect the taxpayers, leaving us all poorer.


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