Tucker Gets The Scoop on PizzaGaetz!

That was quite a “get.” Congrats to TeeVee Dinner heir, vanity press owner, and notable Black Studies scholar Tucker Carlson and whoever is doing his booking.

This is the interview everyone was talking about last night, and probably will be talking about today.

Gaetz claims that his father received a text earlier this month demanding a meeting “wherein a person demanded $25 million in exchange for making horrible sex trafficking allegations against me go away.”

Gaetz said the FBI, “asked my dad to wear a wire, which he did, with the former Department of Justice official.” He called on the DOJ to release the audio “which will prove my innocence.” — and so, if true, means that he just interfered in an on-going investigation. Bravo, Butthead.

And later The Daily Beast reports the name of the alleged blackmailer:

Gaetz told Fox that the former DOJ employee going after him was David McGee, now a lawyer at Beggs & Lane.
In an interview with The Daily Beast late Tuesday night, McGee said any reports of extortion involving him or his firm were “completely, totally false.”
“This is a blatant attempt to distract from the fact that Matt Gaetz is apparently about to be indicted for sex trafficking underage girls,” McGee said.

A couple of things to pay attentions to in the Fox interview: 1) Gaetz tries to pull Carlson into the scandal:

GAETZ: You and I went to dinner about two years ago, your wife was there, and I brought a friend of mine, you’ll remember her. And she was actually threatened by the FBI, told that if she wouldn’t cop to the fact that somehow I was involved in some pay-for-play scheme that she could face trouble, and so I do believe that there are people at the Department of Justice who are trying to smear me, you know, providing for flights and hotel rooms for people that you’re dating who are of legal age is not a crime. And I’m just troubled that lack of any sort of legitimate investigation into me … would then convert into this extortion attempt.

CARLSON: I don’t remember the woman you’re speaking of or the context at all, honestly.

and B)

“I’m not the only person on screen right now whose been falsely accused of a terrible sex act. You were accused of something you did not do, so you know what this feels like.”

Carlson replied, “You just referred to a mentally ill viewer who accused me of a sex crime 20 years ago. And of course it was not true, I never met the person.”

After the break Carlson returns with the comment,

“That was one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.”

Hell done froze over: I agree with Carlson on something.

We would be remiss if we didn’t include this tweet:

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26 Responses to Tucker Gets The Scoop on PizzaGaetz!

  1. sos says:

    What is the opposite of “Squid Ink”? A signal flare? Because that was a master class in drawing attention where you might not have wanted.

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    • Kind of surprised he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt saying “I was there”.

      Watched a bit of Stephanie Rulhe’s show this AM where she had a former US Prosecutor who started his segment by saying “I just had to watch way too much of Tucker Carlson over and over to try and make sense of what Gaetz was saying” and compared it to dumping three puzzle boxes into a pile then trying to assemble it.

      For once Fucker Tarlson’s ball-peened look was appropriate.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Oh man, this is gonna be good! And “PizzaGaetz” is the best headline snarkyness!

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    From the droop of Gaetz’s eyelids, it looks like he got more than his fair share of wacky weed in years past.

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  4. MDavis says:

    Someone on his staff doesn’t like him, allegedly.

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  5. R White says:

    Kind of sad & pathetic that a 38-yr. old man, who no doubt promotes the conservative myth of “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps,” volunteers his daddy yet again to fix a problem by helping to promote disinformation and obvious distractions to hopefully conceal his odd & creepy relationships with barely legal teens.

    I would not be surprised if one of Dick Cheney’s “fixers” leaked matty’s trysts to the gossip-seeking worthless beltway media in response for Matt’s adamant goal of having Dick’s daughter Liz, defeated at the ballot box there in Wyoming for her non-allegiance to fat nixon.

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  6. Best description I’ve seen yet from the tweeter machine:

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    • MDavis says:

      What is wrong with his eyebrows? It’s like he had his forehead stretched and then Botoxed it like that.
      Maybe mom was right – “don’t make that face it will get stuck that way”

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  7. Also seen on the tweeters:

    “When Matt goes to prison his adopted cuban son is going to be an empty Nestor”

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  8. Redhand says:

    Gaetz is creepy and nauseating, but Tucker isn’t far behind.
    It’s a shame Rush isn’t alive to see this.

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  9. osirisopto says:

    I always thought gaetz looked like a skeevy perv.

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  10. osirisopto says:

    I am reminded of the time one Georgiduh R told Tucker he boffed mules.

    While one denies being a witch, another admits to fugging mules.

    Are you sure this isn’t Monty Python sketch we’re living in?

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  11. Batman 54 says:

    Tucker tonight: “Honestly, I don’t remember ever going to dinner with Gaetz.”

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  12. sos says:

    Whelp. It’s over the heavy cavalry has arrived. No WAY he’s indicted now.

    Marge Greene And Jim Jordan Proclaim Matt Gaetz ‘Innocent’

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  13. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!
    I’m seriously worried about Gaetz’s mental health. He really seems like he might be bipolar and having an extended manic or hypomanic episode. I thought it was for sure when he told his bizarre extortion story until it turned out to be true! But, it seems less extortion since there is no way that the people wanting their money can actually deliver any relief in the investigation and more like a con. They were trying to con them out of their money by promising to deliver a bogus service.

    Just because it’s true doesn’t mean he isn’t bipolar. But, he sounds a bit deluded which could just be his narcissism reflecting the klieg lights.

    Another possibility is affluenza.

    Anyone in his situation should just lawyer up and shut up, but only someone who thinks they are perfectly protected — affluenza, narcissism, delusion, or mania — would go on a rant like that on the TV or social medias.



  14. spotthedog says:

    OMG ya’ll, Crooks & Liars has THE SCOOP, its a double scoop with sprinkles on top!!!
    I saw something like that in a movie once, so it can happen!


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