Who Could It Be Now?

‘”Some Say,” Some Said’

Sorry Twitter, @Jack, you can beg his orangeness bigly, but Tiger Beat tells us that Lord Damp Nut ain’t coming back, LOSER! That’ll teach ya!

Don’t expect a @realDonaldTrump comeback

Donald Trump may be entertaining a potential reemergence on social media, including the development of his own platform. But there is one path that the former president has indicated to aides he is increasingly unwilling to take: Getting back on Twitter.

But… but… I thought that the Big Blue Bird kicked TFG off of their platform?

As of now, Trump’s unwillingness is immaterial. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey indefinitely banned him following the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, and a Twitter spokesperson said “nothing has changed” on their end. Still, the ex-president — known for his grudge-holding as much as for his attention-seeking — has been telling people in his orbit that he is done with the site even if allowed back on it, according to two sources familiar with the matter, one of whom has been in regular contact with Trump.

“There’s not a chance in hell he gets back on Twitter. Really, I mean that,” this person said. “He gave them his business, made it the premier app for news, debates and gossip during his presidency and in the end they said ‘Sayonara.’ So no, he has zero interest in rejoining.”

Gonna guess it was John Barron.

“I didn’t want to go to your stupid birthday party, anyway,” Prznint Stupid did not scream, while wiping hot tears away. “My party is gonna be so much better and with ponies and magicians, and ice cream, and YOU ARE NOT INVITED!”

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4 Responses to Who Could It Be Now?

  1. LOLOL.

    If Twitter offered him his account back he’d hop on it like a duck on a june bug, and I predict My Pillow Guy’s new service VOCL (oops should have checked if the name is already taken) “Frank” will be more successful.


    I dunno, maybe they can get Frank Reynolds to be a spokesmodel?

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    • Ten Bears says:

      🤣 Like a duck on a June-bug ~ I love it!

      Re his own “platform”, his own “social media” ~ who’s gonna’ write the code? I have issues with Zuckerberg’s Famous Pig (ZFP) I have been quite vocal about for quite some time, it may even have impacted my teaching “career” (such as it was); and I don’t have much better to say about Twitmoot ~ moot being both in the generally accepted vernacular: a waste of time and effort and in another of Eiron’s discrete vacating’s the lesser known meeting of grumpy old men meeting to grump about what’s going on, usually out in the woods somewhere ~ but both and their attendant failed upstart copycats (Parlor) stand as premier examples of 1) these things are not born out of vacuum, they evolve, and 2) nobody’s taking ZFP down. It is entrenched. Another way of looking at it: you might not like M$Windows, but it’s a safe bet you use it. And nobody’s replacing it anytime soon.

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  2. Boris says:

    RE Sayonara

    Say what you will, but any time you can get Red Buttons starring opposite Marlon Brando you’ve got…well, a thing.


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