We Are Failing Our Failed Political Press

Breaking CNN!

Guys, if you were wondering why our failed political press is frantically inserting Lord Damp Nut  into almost every article (and in so many headlines), we have a supposition (or maybe that’s a suppository?) provided to us by the WaPo, a repeat offender:

 Trump predicted news ratings would ‘tank if I’m not there.’ He wasn’t wrong

“…The most deeply affected network is CNN. After surpassing rivals Fox News and MSNBC in January, the network has lost 45 percent of its prime-time audience in the past five weeks, according to Nielsen Media Research. MSNBC’s audience has dropped 26 percent in the same period. Fox News — the most Trump-friendly of the three networks in its prime-time opinion shows — has essentially regained its leading position by standing still; its ratings have fallen just 6 percent since the first weeks of the year.”

The failed political press is like a junkie looking for a high, and Lord Damp Nut was crack. And now he’s gone.

Not gonna lie, Jeff Zucker made CNN’s bad-faith bet, and they get what they deserve —[Quick cut to concerned looking Anderson Cooper wearing his smart guy glasses.]— but 45% is absolutely a calamity.

The thing that worries me (and maybe ought to worry you, too) is that CNN and MSNBC are not, generally, part of Team Evil. Fox News has not gained viewers;  the other two have lost viewers. That 6% is probably the combined OAN & Newsmax raise.

This indicates to me that the viewers dropping out are Liberals, who think that because the existential crisis of TFG is averted, they can go back to watching Reality TeeVee and not give a merde again.

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  1. sos says:

    The most deeply affected network is CNN

    Whew, glad they made up for this by stopping coverage of the White House press briefings.

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  2. lofgren says:

    It can’t be surprising that people are spending their TV time watching something besides the news now that it’s clear that there will be no response whatsoever to the insurrection. The lesson here should be that 24 hour news networks are not viable unless they are doing their damnedest to corrupt our national discourse by prioritizing ratings over politics. It is not healthy for a society to be putting the actual news in direct competition with soap operas and sportsball competitions.

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  3. It’s also Vaccination Spring. People are really, really looking forward to not having to deal with this fucking pandemic anymore

    (Our state health director just scrapped the rest of the vaccine rollout plan, and made it a free-for-all: anyone over the age of 16 can compete for the appointments. starting tomorrow)

    Of course we don’t have the vaccine supply to do this effectively and the dumb idiot (she was appointed by a Republican, so naturally, going to fuck it up eventually) turned down the offer from FEMA to run their own PODs.


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  4. xpldagain says:

    Mosquito predicts that “DEET sales will tank if I’m not there.”

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  5. My educated guess (-and I’m usually wrong/uneducated) is that it’s not the libs & media that have let go of the orange-shitshow, it’s the middlers & Independents (like me) who’ve forsaken his presence (while wishing others would do the same).
    My Dad used to always tell us “ignore them and they’ll stop/go away (I have 14 siblings) -and he was right. Attention paid is power.
    He literally exists because of those that oppose him, his fan-base is invigorated by the left’s repulsion.
    Neuter the scumbag, deprive him of oxygen/attention.

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  6. glitterbug says:

    I haven’t watched any of the MSM (or wacko media) for a good 15 years. Listening to these talking head morons makes me ill. I have the radio playing all day wxpn.org

    I depend on you and others to distill this crap down to the important points.

    Thank You!

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