Giving Possum Hollar What It Wants

Amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell

Our pals over at Electoral-Vote have an insightful piece up on what might actually be driving amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell’s sturm und dang (see what I did there?) (Oh, yeah: emphasis mine) —

“…it is not about what the Democrats might do now. It is about what might happen if the Republicans win all the marbles in 2024. Fundamentally, there are two categories of things Republicans might do if they had the White House and a majority in the Senate and House. First, they would confirm conservative judges and pass tax cuts. But they can do both of those with or without the filibuster. The former can’t be filibustered and the latter can be done using the budget reconciliation process.

Second, they will try to pass all kinds of legislation that the activist conservative grass roots would love but would be a disaster for the Party in 2026. Imagine a law making it a felony cross state lines to obtain an abortion—with a 10-year prison sentence for the first offense going up to 50 years on the third one. Before too long, many red states won’t have any abortion clinics left, so the only way for a woman to obtain one would be to cross state lines (or an international border). McConnell knows the pressure from the base to pass laws like this would be unbearable if there were no filibuster. Now he can say to the activists: “No can do, because the Democrats will filibuster it.” McConnell knows that if there were no filibuster and extreme laws like that were proposed, he would catch hell from the base if he didn’t bring them up for a vote and would lose his majority in 2026 if he did.

#MoscowMitch needs it to keep his own base in line. 

What is not stated, which is probably tertiary: if the GQP passed all those Culture Wars stuff, their base will stop donating. I don’t believe even for a hot minute that Mitch McConnell gives a merde about abortion, guns, borders… the only thing he does give a merde about is himself.

If Mitch gives Possum Hollar what they want, they will tune out. The money stops, the votes stop, Mitch’s unparalleled graft stops.

And that kids, is why Mitch McConnell wants the filibuster.

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  1. Well, yeah, but then the victorious Dems in 2026 would be like:

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