Budget Advice From Tax-Lien Expert

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Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) had another thought:

I seem to recall news stories that Boebert was using campaign funds to pay off tax liens, which implies, uh, debt. Also: Crime.

Now bear in mind that Boerbert’s experience in the private sector is running a joint where the staff packs heat (in case someone does a dine-and-dash? We don’t know), and I sincerely doubt that she begins her fiscal year at zero. That would be really dumb.

Oh. Wait.


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18 Responses to Budget Advice From Tax-Lien Expert

  1. sos says:

    Boerbert’s joint also deals in pathogens, E. coli mostly.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Um, okay let’s start with the Dept of Defense – zero, heck we got all these locked and loaded militia types ready to handle all the defense we need, right?

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  3. Honestly I haven’t heard such nonsense from someone, since an argument on a mailing list with a guy (who was a farmer) back ion 2008-ish who thought that deflation would be like the opposite of inflation and so it would be AWESOME!. He could stuff his money under the mattress and it’d be worth MORE not LESS. W00T! (he was, natch, a ” We should return to the Gold Standard and have REAL MUNNEE AGAIN!” type)

    “So you’re cool with spending a couple thousand planting crops that will be worth less money by harvest time, then, right?”

    Dear gawd I sincerely hope Boboboert doesn’t read this, wouldnt want her to get an idea…


    • mr perfect says:

      You’re assuming she can read, BDR. In order to communicate with her you would need to draw rudimentary sticks men/women, showing the ones with sidearms as being the good ones and those without being Godless Libs, BLM and ANTIFA. Oh and be sure to show one with its penis hanging out so she could identify her husband.

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  4. lofgren says:

    It seems like she is saying that instead of saying “Well we needed $5 million worth of paperclips last year so let’s go ahead and budget $5 million for paper clips again,” we should be saying “Well we needed $5 million in paper clips last year, but let’s assume we need $0 worth of paperclips this year and just buy them one by one when we run out.”

    This is pretty much the opposite of budgeting.

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  5. Wesley Sandel says:

    The deficit has increased in under every Republican president since Nixon and decreased under every Democratic president.

    Now, suddenly, the anti-American white trash is pretending that it’s a fiscal conservative.


  6. laura says:

    Government = Business said every Republican choad since for freaking ever.

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    • MDavis says:

      Government = Business = Family budget.


      • And this is how their family budget discussion around the Kitchen table goes:

        Dad: “Well kids, we’re in kind of a jam, because we’re spending more than we bring in, so we’re going to make some changes. First, Mom is quitting her job and I am cutting back to half-time to compensate, so we can’t afford to send you to school any more, and you all need to start scrounging in the dumpsters for food. We all have to make sacrifices and I’m sacrificing you. “

        “With the limited income, obviously, the only projects we can continue around the house are the absolutely critical ones, so we’re going ahead with my $30,000 man-cave renovation, and buying that new $190,000 Ford Gigantothere pickup truck with the full Asshole package.”

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      • MDavis says:

        It’s like you’ve heard the conversation before!


      • Wesley Sandel says:

        There’s nothing for it except to sell you all for scientific experiments. https://youtu.be/mWWAC5ZMKeM

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  7. R White says:

    Every time a ‘serious’ conservative in glasses whines about the national debt that they trashed & increased, somewhere in hell, Milton Friedman is being ass-reamed by a gay, black demon with a studded dildo.


  8. Burr Deming says:

    Zero based budgets have been tried on a more local level. Tended to increase costs because commitments couldn’t be counted on.

    Considered and rejected for federal government by pretty much everyone 40 or 50 years ago.

    Sometimes elected officials do their homework. Like Warren.
    Sometimes they don’t.


  9. spotthedog says:

    Its the same shallow impossibly simplistic thinking as “The only law we need is the Ten Commandments!”. But it sounds good – to some people.


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