Eiron, The Goddess of Irony, Laughed So Hard She Farted

Just as no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, no one expected the Trump-Virus to shut down the Idaho Assembly:

Scott Bedke, Speaker of the Idaho House, held a press conference Friday to announce a recess in the Legislature after a COVID-19 outbreak.

Both the House and the Senate will return on April 6 after six positive cases were found among lawmakers. This news comes as the Legislature is debating a bill that would ban local governments from requiring that people wear masks.

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20 Responses to Eiron, The Goddess of Irony, Laughed So Hard She Farted

  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    Fake news! Virus hoax! Doctors stoopid! Donald have big brane. Drink bleech.

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  2. Wonder if the state GQP will censure the people who got sick for being anti Freedumb and Pro virus?

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  3. sos says:

    Apparently 6 bad spuds will spoil the whole bunch!!

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    BREAKING: The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract COVID-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released…

    To be clear, WHO let the dogs out…

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  5. roket says:

    It would be irresponsible not to speculate that these 6 congress critters contracted the virus at a meeting they attended about neutered potato heads. Probably.

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    • tengrain says:

      I’m certain you are right, Roket.



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    • ming says:

      There’s a dicktater joke in there somewhere. I just can’t come up with it. Go ahead. Google it, but make sure you have some brain bleach..


      • sos says:

        I suspect it had something to do with the old LDN Covid cure of tying a potato to your penis (not to be confused with tying an onion to your belt, as was the fashon). Bleach and fish tank cleaner were also involved. In any case, you got yourself a “dictator”.


  6. RWW says:

    If there is any Second Amendment Remedy for Covid19, I’m sure this bunch will find it.


  7. Astamari says:

    I’m sure there are some smart people in Idaho but nowhere near enough to win elections.


    • ming says:

      It’s not that they’re not smart, it’s that they’ve been programed to act against their best interests by 40+ years of right-wing talk radio. It saturates the airwaves there.


  8. osirisopto says:

    Isn’t Idaho the place the Chicago nazis want as their new fatherland?

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  9. julesmomcat says:

    Karma really IS a bitch, ain’t it?


  10. Ten Bears says:

    There’s some really nice places in Idaho. Be nicer when those people are gone.


  11. ming says:

    Sigh, I love Idaho. I have family there. I went to grad school there. I married an Idaho girl. My primary area for work as a hydrogeologist during the last 30 years has been southeast Idaho. It’s a beautiful place. I like most Idahoans, but outside of Boise, this is really who they are. Deeply conservative and willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces. That is, if they decide that their faces need to be spited. Otherwise they tend to be rational, nice, rural people, the kind I tend to like. It does not help that right-wing talk radio is the only source of news on the radio over most of the state. It’s a steady source of toxic sludge that has poisoned the minds of two generations now.


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