News From Arizona

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The terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan is leading the way, and I’m told the heat there doesn’t get to them because it’s dry:

Paul Gosar [R-AZ] plans to go on a popular QAnon talk show

Weeks after Republican Congressman Paul Gosar gave a speech to a gathering of white nationalists, he is scheduled to appear on Patriots’ Soapbox, a leading QAnon talk show.

“He has taken a stand against the conservative establishment to support #AmericaFirst and he never wavered,” Radix Verum, host of a show called Digging Deeper on Patriots’ Soapbox, said on the social media site Gab, promoting Gosar’s upcoming appearance. “Let’s show him our support. Let him know you have his back!”

Patriots’ Soapbox is a fringe outlet that broadcasts online 24 hours a day, and that has proliferated QAnon stories for years. It is so tied to the QAnon movement that some speculated its founder, Coleman Rogers — the man behind Pamphlet Anon — could be behind some of the Q posts. 

I’m told that Hell has dry heat, too. COINCIDENCE?

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10 Responses to News From Arizona

  1. sos says:

    GQsar will knQck them for a lQQp!


  2. Honestly, I’m still stunned that cheap knockoff Gozer Gosar is NOT among the 12 voting against honoring the Capitol police, I fully expected him to be standing there with ‘Casting Asparagus’ Gohmert claiming that 1/6 didn’t happen, despite our lying eyes…

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  3. glitterbug says:

    Hottest place I’ve ever been was Houston at 100F and 100% humidity, pouring down rain. All day.

    110F in Arizonastan is nothing compared to that.

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    • This is absolutely a true statement. I’ll take a dry heat every time.


      • sos says:

        I was lucky enough to broil in an airplane, on the tarmac in Phoenix at 121F. The take-off charts only went up to 120F.

        Also, too that day, on the drive to PHX the news had a story about a kid falling down on the sidewalk and getting 2nd degree burns on his legs. He was probably out frying eggs on car hoods, the delinquent.


  4. Jimmy T says:

    Me and St. Peter and the gate…
    St. Peter, “What have you done to deserve entry into Heaven?”
    Me, Before I get into specifics may I see your guest list?”
    The gate,”creeeeakkkk” while slamming shut…
    Memories of my mom, “I told you your smart mouth would get you into trouble.”
    Me in my best Devil-may-care attitude, “I kinda like dry heat.”

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  5. R White says:

    I guess no one in the dim caucus has the balls to expel or introduce legislation expelling him for inciting an insurrection…


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