Need a Refill on Your Stupid?

Rep. Greene
(File Photo: Twitter)

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4 Responses to Need a Refill on Your Stupid?

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    I’ve been reading posts wondering why they didn’t just ban her instead of only putting her in Twitter Jail. I think it’s a “give her enough rope to hang herself” strategy, because she’ll inevitably post more things that violate the rules once the suspension is lifted. I’m just hoping that Twitter doesn’t take four years to kick her to the curb like they did with The Former Guy.

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    • R White says:

      One of the most infuriating things about that online sewer would be Jack’s inconsistency with how the disciplinary rules are abided by and dealt out, especially so if you have a blue check. Driftglass has been consistently placed in Twitter jail for minor reasons after being ridiculed by trumpets yet an vagrant, creepy asshole like roger stone continually breaks multiple rules calling for the death and dismemberment of others and is somehow allowed to continue tweeting. FFS

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I live a fairly uncomplicated life. Not a lot of rules to live by, but the one essential rule is ro treat people with decency and respect until you have reason to believe they’re unworthy of either. Ms. Greene deserves all the derision directed at her for multiple reasons, the one most worthy of mentioning is that she harassed a survivor (David Hogg) of a mass shooting. What kind of human being does that? I believe that in Ms. Greene’s case the rule should be amended to “Do unto to others as they would do unto you, but do it first.”

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  3. jaf48 says:

    So as I have seen more and more examples of that face, I have begun to wonder if there was a gender reassignment along the way. If you look at the face only under that clown paint, you can’t positively categorize gender. And there is a hint of Adam’s apple, no? And since Facebook’s mission is not to do fact-checking…..


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