Good News From The EPA

Prznint Stupid has a plan for Climate Change (Hat tip: Scissorhead D-Cap)

Elections have consequences:

Climate change once again has a dedicated page on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. The agency relaunched the page on Thursday after the Trump administration removed the page, and all other references to global warming and climate change, when he went into office four years ago.

“Climate facts are back on the EPA’s website where they should be,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in a statement. “Considering the urgency of this crisis, it’s critical that Americans have access to information and resources so that we can all play a role in protecting our environment, our health, and vulnerable communities. Trustworthy, science-based information is at the foundation of strong, achievable solutions.”

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3 Responses to Good News From The EPA

  1. And bad news from the NOAA:

    Gonna get a reprise of that great Mamas and Papas song “California burning, on a summers day…”

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  2. And really cool news from CA:

    They looked at deploying a crapton of solar by covering all the open canals with solar panels…a cool idea! (literally! the shade reduces evaporation of the ever-more-precious and expensive water!)


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