(Kansas’) Pandemic Tax Cuts, Revisited

Guys, remember that time Kansas decided to use their Trump-Virus bucks in the American Recovery Act to bail out their state’s mismanagement of tax cuts for the Fat Cats? Seems that they cannot do that, and the GQP is pissed about that!

The WaPo tells us:

“Twenty-one Republican state attorneys general on Tuesday threatened to take action against the Biden administration over its new $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus law, decrying it for imposing ‘unprecedented and unconstitutional’ limits on their states’ ability to lower taxes.”

“The attorneys general take issue with a $350 billion pot of money set aside under the stimulus, known as the American Rescue Plan, to help cash-strapped cities, counties and states pay for the costs of the pandemic. Congressional lawmakers opted to restrict states from tapping these federal dollars to finance local tax cuts.”

Never get between a Republican and a tax cut. It’s worse than getting between Sen. Josh Hawley (R- Proud Boy) and a mic.

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  1. “Waaaah you won’t let us just put the money in our donor’s pockets directly! Waaah!”

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