This is gonna be a week to watch!

President Handsome Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris along with their spouses will go on a multi-state tour to tell Americans what Democrats have done in the American Relief Act to make their lives better!


  • Today, Biden will launch what he’s branding the “Help is Here” campaign with a speech at the White House. Vice President Harris and the Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will headline a launch event in Nevada. Dr. Jill Biden, a teacher, will travel to New Jersey to emphasize the impact of the bill on schools and students.
  • Tuesday’s theme will be “help for small business.” The president will fly to Pennsylvania, and the vice president and second gentleman will visit Colorado.
  • Wednesday — “help for schools” — will feature the first lady in New Hampshire and the second gentleman in New Mexico.
  • Thursday — “help to stay in your home” — will highlight measures in the bill to cover back rent, protect people against eviction and aid people experiencing homelessness.
  • Friday — “help immediately with direct checks” — will have Biden and Harris in Georgia.

I couldn’t help but notice that today’s message, Help is Here, flies directly in the face of Saint Ronnie’s decree that:

Or this pithy quote:

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Look, it’s about time someone took a swing at that agitprop that set the country back for 40 long years, and with the American Relief Act, Handsome Joe Biden has a real hammer. This tour is a great project, and certainly better than having a press conference, as our failed political press wants.

Also: very few people are better at retail politics than President Biden. This will be quite a week.

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5 Responses to This is gonna be a week to watch!

  1. I predict two things: This will be a hit among the smelly pipples, and the Village Courtiers Press will whine and whings about “Partisanship” and “Unity” and “Tip-n-Ronnie” and have no one on but Republicans to complain about how terrible the ARA is and brage that their constituents are being helped and it’s NOT because if the ARA, but the Great Trumpconomy roaring back to life (along with the infection rate…again)

    And as sure as the swallows return to Capistrano, the Cletus Safaris will begin anew, because clearly the most important people in this country are old white MAGAt’s in diners in Real’MericaFuckYeah™

    After all who wants to hear what the majority of voters in this country think about things. “Things are looking up” and “Hey! We have competent people running the Administration” is boring and doesn’t fit the degenerate gambler addiction instincts of our political press.

    “Baby needs a new pair of shoes”, so gin up the divisions, make it a horse race again!

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    • spotthedog says:

      Right you are and I submit the following evidence in support, an actual headline in WaPo;
      ‘Finishing the deal’: Biden vaccine victories build on Trump team’s work

      I think the point of the article was that some people in TFG’s admin were not doing absolutely nothing about vaccine development – so wow!

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  2. One thing I hope they address this week is that the direct checks are not protected from debt collectors.

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