Science Proves: GQP Doesn’t Like Science

Dr. Shady is working on a cure, what have you got to lose?

Axios morning email thingie (enigmatic bullet usage and emboldening is theirs):

Vaccine enthusiasm has increased but a giant group is holding out — Republicans, Axios Vitals author Caitlin Owens reports.

  • Nearly half of Republican men — 49% — said in an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey, conducted March 3-8, that they won’t choose to be vaccinated when they’re allowed.
  • 41% of all Republicans said the same.

If Republicanism were to die out, I wouldn’t cry a tear, but the people themselves? They are gonna take a lot of innocents with them. But whatever it takes to own the libs with their last dying breath, amirite?

By contrast, 6% of Democratic men said they wouldn’t get the shot.

  • 25% of Black respondents, 28% of white respondents and 37% of Latino respondents said the same.

Honestly, after what White America has historically done, I don’t blame them for being distrustful. I hope they overcome that, tho.

Here’s another whack-o number:

⚡ A stunning 25% of House members — all with access to the vaccine — have refused to get it, haven’t reported getting it, or are avoiding it for medical reasons, Axios Kadia Goba scooped in Axios Sneak Peek.

  • Although officials won’t give the party breakdown, Democrats want more Republicans to get vaccinated before returning to regular voting.

Keep ’em off the floor until they get their rabies, er, Trump-Virus vaccine.

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6 Responses to Science Proves: GQP Doesn’t Like Science

  1. sos says:

    As long as vaccine demand exceeds supply this really isn’t a problem. But there will come a time when some sort of external pressure will need to be brought to bear. Granted, these pinheads are typically clustered so the most obvious and immediate deleterious effects will be in their own communities. But as they manage to cultivate more deadly/transmissible/resistant variants society on the whole will end up paying, dearly perhaps.

    Call them what they are Stupid Virus Lovers


  2. Jimmy T says:

    I’m totally on board with the evolution of our species. The law of natural selection dictates that those unable to adapt to new challenges will perish, or perhaps better to say ashes to ashes, dust to dust. But I do agree that some who perish are innocent (sigh). If left it up to them (GQP), we would all be subjected to the ravishes of Covid-19. I had my first vaccination two weeks ago. My daughter and her boyfriend got the single dose J&J on Saturday. I see light at the end of the tunnel and a return to normalcy, but I also see more variants arising that spread more easily and are possibly more toxic so caution is advised, particularly when a fairly large segment of our population believes in nonsense (non science)…

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  3. Looking deeper into the results of that survey, (p24, I cannot extract it in easily formtted form here) I am mildly worried, the “Yes I’ll get it + I already Got it” numbers have been pretty stable or eben up a few points : 60% said they would get it in August, 67% say they will, or have already gotten it. Also the No’s haven’t changed a lot, either, but they are slightly downward.

    Anecdotally (based on NextDoor threads about getting the jab) a lot of people want them, and cannot get them. They opened the local POD here this saturday at 8AM for 55 and up, I hopped on at 8:10 and got an appointment for Mrs BDR (I’m already vaccinated, being an amalgam of ‘Works with healthcare peeps and works in EDU.) for today (YAAAY!) and I immediately posted it there. Several people were able to get them but by later in the day apparently none were available.

    A co-worker said his parents were able to get appts today at Safeway, but all of these scheduling systems are piecemeal and separate (fill out tons of info on janky websites that say they have slots available, but when you get to the end they tell you ‘Oh no not in your state, sucker!!!’ (looking at you Walgreens!)

    I think this is driving a lot of the ‘Fuckit, YOLO! Open everything and I’m not getting it’ bullshit from actual people…the stuff coming from the R’s is their standard ‘I got mine, fuck you all’ line, because you know all their rich masters donors have gotten them…


  4. bluzdude says:

    You want them to get vaccinated? Tell them the Democrats want to ban Republicans from getting it. They’ll fall all over themselves trying to register. Own the Libs!

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  5. roket says:

    I got my second Moderna shot last Thursday. For the life of me, I still can’t figure out why Bill Gates thinks we each need two tracking devices.

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