Peter Thiel Makes His Move!

(H/T Skinny-D)

I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh more at crackpot Libertarian Thiel for donating to Trump or to funding this ridiculous grifter:

Silicon Valley iconoclast Peter Thiel is placing the biggest political bet of his career, pumping $10 million into a super PAC that is supporting a former Thiel aide who may run for the US Senate in Ohio.

Thiel has cut a check of just over $10 million to an outside group backing J.D. Vance, the author of the bestselling book Hillbilly Elegy, a much bigger contribution than he made to support Donald Trump and Thiel’s largest disclosed political donation ever. Vance is one of several people in Thiel’s network who have weighed Senate bids in recent years and stand to benefit substantially from their ties to the billionaire investor.

Thiel should go back to his big Libertarian idea of man-made floating islands. Mutiny on the Bounty comes to mind.

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3 Responses to Peter Thiel Makes His Move!

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Isn’t Vance primarily known for calling his would-be constituents a bunch of fuckups?

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    • Yes. They’re all losers because they [checks notes] didn’t go to Ohio State and Yale Law, after growing up in Middleton OH which in 2000 had a median family income of [checks notes] $43,000. Which is [checks notes] ~$53,000 today comfortably in line with the national median.

      It is also [checks notes] a suburb of Cincinnati…

      IOW no he didn’t grow up in hardscrabble rural Appalachia.

      Hasn’t ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ been pretty much debunked as libertarian bro bullshit??


  2. Richard Portman says:

    Honkies. I used that word the other day and the friend i was with cracked up. After she recovered she said ” i haven’t heard that in a while “. We were talking about republicans and the way they are these days. We try not to talk about politics. At the same time, we don’t live in a cave.


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