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The Official Trump Portrait is hung (but Trump isn’t)
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Guys, did you hear that twice-impeached LOSER ex-prznint Stupid made some probably racketeering phone calls to the Governor and Secretary of State of Georgia in the 2020 Goat Rodeo? You know, where he shook-down officials to find votes for himself?

It’s true!

What’s also true?

Officials located December recording of Trump call in a trash folder on Georgia investigator’s device

(CNN)Officials in the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office located a recently released recording of former President Donald Trump’s call to a state investigator in a trash folder on her device, a state official familiar with the situation confirmed to CNN.

The discovery of the call comes after state officials originally told CNN that they did not think audio of the call existed. The call added to the examples of Trump’s extraordinary efforts to push false claims of widespread voter fraud and influence Georgia election officials as they certified the state’s election results.

The audio file of the December 23 call between the former President and investigator Frances Watson was discovered as the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office responded to a public records request. The personal familiar spoke with CNN on the condition of anonymity to describe the internal process…

CNN previously reported that in the December phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Trump urged their top investigator, Watson, to find fraud in the 2020 presidential election, telling her that she would be a “praised” for overturning results in favor of President Joe Biden.

Now how the audio got trashed is a question that will require some thinking. Not a great look, Geargeduh.

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  1. sos says:

    their top investigator, Watson

    Followed closely by
    Buford T Justice
    Clancy Wiggum
    Jacques Clouseau
    Frank Drebin

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Do I get to be the first to tell the funny tech support story? Like 1992, my first “tech support” call: 386 Pentium with maybe 128KB RAM, 8 MB hard-drive, Windows 3.1.1 for Workgroups, wouldn’t boot past the DOS prompt. The user was very good about deleting old files, or those she didn’t know what they were. While I have had users delete the windows folder she simply negated her diligence in keeping things cleaned up by never emptying the trash.

    Served me well when working for a defense contractor (law firm), both when people “lose” stuff and when they hide it. It’s kinda’ like drumpf uck not being smart enough to keep its head down and mouth shut: if you really want to delete something you’ve gotta’ empty the trash. LOL

    Me’thinks said investigator was trying to delete it, but didn’t have the two-step …

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