The Pandemic Follies, OK v. Texas!

Folks is dumb here he comes from

Sweet, sweet relief

North Texas, er, Oklahoma is turning into a power player in the Crazee State Contest! It is a rare athlete who stops the race just yards short from the finish line:

Oklahoma governor eliminates state’s remaining COVID-19 restrictions

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) announced Thursday that he is lifting the state’s remaining coronavirus restrictions.

Stitt said in a news conference that he will sign an executive order on Friday, under which “there will be no statewide restrictions on events and on Oklahomans,” including removing a requirement that masks must be worn in state government buildings.

“The standard for normal cannot be zero cases. In Oklahoma, the standard for normal is freedom,” he said. “As long as I’m governor, I will protect the freedom of Oklahomans.”

“Like th’ freedumb t’ die from yer own stupe-id-it-tea” ol’ Kev did not sound out, while finishing a jar of paste.

Texas (America’s Lab for Bad Policy) is not taking this challenge to its pole position sitting down: It’s running backwards, away from the finish line!

Judge allows Texas to remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid program

Thousands of Texans are slated to lose their health care provider after a Texas judge on Wednesday allowed the state to remove Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program.

Texas has long sought to ban Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions in Texas, from Medicaid. Medicaid funding does not cover abortions except in cases of rape or incest or when the woman’s life is at risk, due to the Hyde Amendment, dating back to 1976.

Texas is restricting access to healthcare, so literally thousands of low-income Texans will have to find new healthcare providers in a pandemic.

I hope Oklahoma learns their lesson: Y’all don’t mess with Texas!

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6 Responses to The Pandemic Follies, OK v. Texas!

  1. Thousands of low-income *women* texans

    Well, it’s not as if they’re Texans that the Lege gives a fuck about. Remember the pain and suffering inflicted by GQP policies are not bugs but usually the point.

    Sociopathic sadists one and all.

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  2. sos says:

    The standard for normal cannot be zero cases.

    Although minimizing cases has a nice ring to it.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    There’s an old Texan saying that the only reason Texas doesn’t slide into the Gulf is that Orkahoma sucks. Not sure that’s true anymore…

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  4. julesmomcat says:

    And – who’s the winner, in the Race to the Bottom?

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